Aeroseal Duct Sealing 2014 – A Year In Review

Here we are, once again, on the cusp of another new year. All of us at Aeroseal LLC hope that the past twelve months have treated you, your business and your family well and that the year ahead is looking bright. As we look back on 2014, we can’t help but smile and feel proud of what’s been accomplished. So, with that in mind, I thought this would be a perfect time to review some of the highlights of […]

Maryland Elementary Gets A Schooling On Indoor Comfort

When the new $60 million dollar elementary school first opened its doors, everyone was excited and pleased. The modern classrooms and energy efficient building was a source of pride and joy for the Maryland-area school district. But it wasn’t far into the first winter season that school administrators recognized there was a real problem.
“The new building was designed with an energy-efficient heating system that wasn’t delivering as it should,” said Ted Thornton, project manager at Coakley & Williams Construction. […]

GreenBuild Revisited

It’s been several weeks since the GreenBuild International Conference and Expo set up shop at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, but the buzz continues to spread throughout the industry. By all accounts GreenBuild has become the biggest gathering for engineers, architects, contractors and just about anyone else interested in sustainable building. And if you’re at all affiliated with the construction industry or home performance markets, that certainly includes you.
This year, Greenbuild hosted about 750 suppliers and top […]

Saving Taxpayers Thou$ands, One Aeroseal Project After Another

Antelope Country Club reduced its energy bill by thousands each month.
Republican, Democrat or Independent – when it comes to state and local government, one thing seems constant… budget shortfalls. There never seems to be enough money to sufficiently run our schools, repair our roads or facilitate the numerous other programs and initiatives demanded by our citizenry and elected officials. So it’s always important to note when someone finds a strategy that makes improvements while saving the government money at the […]

Aeroseal Saving Public School District $45k a Year

It seems that our public schools are constantly in panic mode, looking for ways to save money and allocate limited resources. So it’s particularly exciting to tell you about a project where aerosealing just a single elementary school building is saving one school district about $45,000 a year. That’s a lot of bake sales! In addition, it turned the school superintendent into a hardened evangelist for aeroseal technology and he now tells other school administrators about the savings potential […]

The Grammy Award of the HVAC Industry

When it comes to industry awards, this is a biggy.  Aeroseal’s new HomeSeal duct sealing system just won a 2014 Dealer Design Award from the industry’s most respected trade magazine, ACHR News. It appears that colleagues agree – HomeSeal is an industry “game changer.” It makes residential duct sealing easy and affordable and provides HVAC businesses with a natural path to satisfying the growing customer demand for energy efficiency solutions.
What makes this award particularly notable is that the panel […]

Aeroseal Closing The Gap State By State

Hawaii, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, Maine and Wyoming.

That’s it.  We are sooo close. Only ten states to go before homeowners and property managers in every state in the country will have access to at least one Aeroseal service provider.  Not bad for a technology that has been available for just a short time. In fact, Aeroseal has reached a number of milestones that attest to its rapid adoption and succes. In just […]

Aeroseal Provides Comfort To Ottawa’s Oldest Church

“It took over a year to find the cause of our even heating problem – and less than a day to fix it!” That’s what Mary Martha Hails, the facility manager at St. Albans Church told me when I asked her about the Aeroseal duct sealing work that was just completed.“We were all highly skeptical that duct leaks could be responsible for the issues we were having with the (new HVAC) system and that this new duct sealing technology […]

Another Award Goes To HomeSeal

Sorry, but we just have to boast…again. Since the launch of HomeSeal this past September, the buzz surrounding this next generation duct sealing system has been phenomenal – especially with the industry press. From The NEWS to DuctTales; ComforTech Expo to SNIPS magazine, HomeSeal has been racking up awards and being held up as an ideal solution for contractors looking to get in on the industry-transforming home performance market.
And now Contracting Business magazine weighs in as well, honoring HomeSeal with its […]

Saving Convention Center Hotel Thousands In Energy And Maintenance Costs

To say that the owners of the Capital Plaza Hotel in Kentucky were energy conservation skeptics would be an understatement. “If it worked, everyone would be doing it” was a familiar sentiment. Today, they are true believers. With the help of Aeroseal, the 10-story hotel and convention center, in the heart of the state’s capitol, has just become the first Energy Star certified hotel in the state. Owners estimate that duct sealing and other “low hanging” energy saving measures […]