The Revolution in HVAC
Featuring Corbett Lunsford



Because the airtightness and insulation of homes is evolving, HVAC that performs “exactly as advertised” is critical for new construction and retrofits alike. New building energy codes leave little flexibility for error, and many technicians and installers do not understand the building science that compels their same-old-systems to fail.

Understand why system and duct design, duct tightness both inside and outside the envelope, and testing are the future of all successful HVAC companies. Get your head around the simple, practical steps to prove your company is scientifically superior to the competition, and ready for 21st century demands of smarter, more informed customers.

During this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Insert diagnostics into your everyday business, for better quality control and to PROVE that you do better work than competitors
  • Understand simple and powerful applications of load calcs, static pressure, airflow, and duct tightness testing, and be able to illustrate them to customers
  • Deliver HVAC system and duct performance with practical, time- and cost-effective techniques and tools
  • Earn more money, market better, close more sales, and get more referrals because of the diagnostic proof of superior quality


Kyle GargaroKyle Gargaro

Guest Speaker

Corbett LunsfordCorbett Lunsford
Performance Testing Expert
Building Performance Workshop

About Aeroseal

Aeroseal helps HVAC contractors grow their businesses and improves comfort, indoor air quality (IAQ), and energy efficiency in homes and buildings worldwide using Aeroseal duct sealing. The company, Aeroseal, LLC, is headquartered in Centerville, Ohio and operates the award-winning, computer-controlled Aeroseal duct sealing technology that tests and seals air duct leaks from the inside of ductwork. It’s more effective than hand sealing (e.g. mastic, tape) for any holes/cracks/seams up to 5/8” located throughout the entire ductwork system. Unlike hand sealing, no demolition is needed to use Aeroseal duct sealing for hard-to-reach ducts like behind walls.