Energy Raters Are Setting A New Standard

Don’t Just Offer Your Clients a Solution to Meet Requirement. Offer One to Surpass it Everytime.

Energy Raters Are Setting A New Standard

Don’t Just Offer Your Clients a Solution to Meet Requirement. Offer One to Surpass it Everytime.

Grow your business with AeroBarrier

AeroBarrier Air Sealing is the Perfect Add-on Service for Energy Raters.

– Strengthen Your Builder Relationships

– Enhance Your Energy Modeling

– Differentiate from the Competition

– Additional Revenue Stream

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Provide Your Builders’ with a More Precise Energy Analysis of Home Construction Plans by using AeroBarrier

Take Air Sealing from an Unpredictable, Manual Task and
Turn it into an Accurate, Controlled Process


Strengthen Relationships

Enhance Builder Trust with a Proven Air Sealing Solution



Add-on services allow you more revenue opportunity


Precise Energy Analysis

Dial in your Air Changes for the Most Accurate Modeling


Meet Any Requirement

Whether your goal is to meet code or achieve Passive House



Real time tracking means no more guesswork and re-certification

Strengthen Builder Relationships

Energy Raters Are Already Trusted Resources For Builders.

Offering a proven solution like AeroBarrier to address the critical air sealing component of new construction can further strengthen those relationships. In recommending AeroBarrier, energy raters can feel confident that they are providing builders with a more accurate energy analysis of the home’s design and construction plan.

AeroBarrier is an interior applied air sealing system that simultaneously measures and seals all building envelope leaks up to 1/2″, allowing builders to dial-in the precise level of leakage and performance. AeroBarrier makes it easy and economical for builders of any size to improve the performance of their homes and meet codes more consistently and more cost-effectively.

Enhance Your Energy Modeling

AeroBarrier Takes the Guess Work Out Of Energy Raters’ Modeling Process.

AeroBarrier’s technology can dial-in an air change, allowing energy raters to be more accurate with their analysis, and feel completely confident in their recommendations to builders. AeroBarrier’s solution guarantees that builders will pass inspection and secure certification – ultimately saving them time and money by avoiding costly retesting, rework and delayed sales that a failed inspection would trigger.

AeroBarrier also affords builders greater flexibility in their approach, helping to identity opportunities to rethink their building materials, leading to significant cost savings while providing a higher performing home at the same time.

Increase Profit Margins

Energy Raters Become the Solution

By choosing to add AeroBarrier to your business as an added service, you create added streams of revenue. Be the Energy Rater that goes from just verifying and making recommendations to the Energy Rater providing guaranteed solutions as well.

Surpass Any Requirement

Future-proof Against Upcoming Codes with Guaranteed Results

As codes continue to trend upward towards greater efficiency, incorporating AeroBarrier’s proven technology will future proof against more stringent requirements of IECC, ENERGY STAR, Net Zero or Passive House. These projects leave little room for error when it comes to sealing the building envelope and AeroBarrier is the only solution that can guarantee any level of envelope tightness, from 3 ACH50 all the way to the Passive House standard of 0.6 ACH50.

Technology That Is Familiar

An Integrated Blower Door

The integration of a blower door doubles down as both the verification tool and transportation mechanism to reach areas of leakage that can’t via manual hand sealing. AeroBarriers true “test in – test out” process provides builders confidence that they meet any requirement unlike manual hand sealing which may lead to a failed final inspection and costly delays.

Use AeroBarrier Anywhere

New Construction, Multi-Family and Commercial

AeroBarrier offers you versatility when it comes to your clients. Whether you are verifying new residential, multi-family or commercial construction, AeroBarrier has you covered. With a maximum coverage of ~10,000sq ft., the only requirment of AeroBarrier is that the structure can be pressurized or appropriately segmented.