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Grow your home performance business with aeroseal

Duct sealing with Aeroseal is much more cost-effective and profitable than hand sealing alone.

  • More Cost-Effective than Mastic/Tape Alone

    – Aeroseal provides home performance contractors a better way to ensure the ducts are airtight.

  • Computer-Controlled Process that Tests and Seals Simultaneously

    – Aeroseal uses smart technology to measure duct leakage as you seal it in real time.

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage

    – Many contractors overlook duct leakage or think hand sealing is sufficient. Be the Aeroseal contractor that does it right.

  • Meet Building Codes

    – As duct tightness codes get more strict, many contractors and builders use Aeroseal to help meet codes better than hand sealing alone.

Home performance contractors testing for duct and air leakage
Home performance contractors testing for duct and air leakage in homes.

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Demand for Aeroseal and other home performance services continue to grow.

  • Fix Key Problems for Homeowners
  • Become the Expert in YOUR Market
  • Offer a COMPLETE Solution to Satisfy YOUR Customers

Provide Better Service

Improve home performance with duct performance using Aeroseal.

When the air ducts are airtight, the entire air deliverability system – in conditioned and un-conditioned space – of the home works better. Duct leakage to the outside is inefficient, and duct leakage within the thermal envelope stops the right amount of air from getting to all the rooms leading to uneven temperatures throughout the house.

Aeroseal duct sealing is important for comfortable, healthy, safe, and durable homes. It seals all of the tiny cracks and holes that are hard to seal by hand and can lead to home performance problems if left un-sealed.

Enhance Your Expertise

Be a leader in your industry. Do what others miss.

Before Aeroseal, duct leakage in homes and buildings was often overlooked because there was not a cost-effective way to seal all of the leaks.

It’s time to change the status quo.

Aeroseal is building a global network of contractors who truly get to the root cause of HVAC issues in homes and buildings.

We hold a simple belief – to help people make their homes more comfortable, their families healthier, and the environment cleaner, making their homes AND the world a better place.

infrared image of duct leakage behind walls
Here's an infrared image of duct leakage behind walls. Aeroseal can seal it without demolition.

Hear Why Home Performance Teams Love Aeroseal

Filling in the Gaps

“In the summertime and the coldest part of winter, we are so busy with repairs, often times that revenue is what’s driving our business forward, but in the maintenance season – in the Spring and the Fall – when it’s typically slower and those repair revenues are missing, indoor air quality upgrades like Aeroseal are perfect for that off-season to need to maintain revenues.”

Russell Harshman

Operations Manager, One Hour Heating & Air – North Carolina

We realized [Aeroseal] was something the customer needed

“Once we got Aeroseal, every time we went to a home, things just became a whole lot more simpler…it’s good you can seal up your envelope, you can insulate, but what you really need is to deliver more airflow to these rooms…having Aeroseal made it so much easier…to seal systems to 10 CFM or less of leakage.”

Jorge Solis

Sales Manager, Atlas Home Energy, Maryland

Fixing IAQ Issues

“Anytime we hear from a customer that they have a pain of comfort or dust, Aeroseal is always the thought and the solution. Honestly, there are no other solutions that are going to take care of a comfort problem or lack of airflow to a certain room. You can replace ductwork, you can add more ductwork, but if it’s leaking, you’re not going to get the air.”

>Craig Denton

Owner, Anton’s AC & Heating, St. Louis, MO

We’re Invested in Your Success

When you join the Aeroseal network, we act as true partners to your team.


Product Training

Technical, sales, and marketing training to get you up and running quickly


Sales and Marketing Toolbox

Comprehensive plug n’ play material to help you promote and sell Aeroseal


Dedicated Customer Service

Ongoing dedicated account management to help you with anything your Aeroseal business needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Aeroseal will seal all kinds of ductwork. Such as sheet metal, flex, ductboard, wall cavities, and panned joists to name a few.

The equipment is protected from the sealant by blocking off with foam blocks or other means.

No. Our sealant formula does not coat or line your ducts. The only sealant remaining after our technician is done will be over the leak that was sealed.

Without a doubt. Our formula is a water-soluble organic compound. We’ve helped hospitals, surgery centers, schools and public buildings make sure their air is clean, healthy and comfortable – and saved them energy and money in the process. The homeowner can certainly can stay in their house while the technician is working (although we prefer that no one be in the home so our technicians can work quickly and efficiently), but as a precaution, we do recommend pregnant women, elderly people, and those with any breathing difficulties not be present while you are sealing their ducts and vents.

Contractors have found success using it in all regions and climates, with all duct material and home construction.

No it is not. We see it as a partnership! We support you with in-depth training, dealer support programs, and arm you with marketing materials to help get you up and running quickly.

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