11 Things To Make Your Building More Energy Efficient This Winter

BRRRR…. Here in Ohio we are setting records right and left for cold temperatures and numbers of days below zero. It’s true… a recent article in Proud Green Building confirmed that based on the most recent forecast of heating degree-days from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), temperatures this winter are expected to be colder than last winter across the country. U.S. Energy Information Administration also forecasts that average expenditures for all major heating fuels will rise this winter because of expected colder weather and higher energy costs. So what is a building owner to do? The article offered 10 tips to help keep energy costs down this winter. However, duct sealing was not among them…and that continues to amaze me. A landmark study done by Lawrence Berkeley National Labs confirmed that the #1 energy waster in commercial buildings is duct leakage! Yet time and time again, duct sealing is overlooked as an energy saver. So we’ll start OUR list of tips to save energy in your commercial building this winter with #11: 11. Seal your ductwork – according to ASHRAE, 75% of ducts leak 10-25%. Seems like a great place to save energy by stopping conditioned air from escaping from your ductwork! The remaining contenders:
  1. Control lighting
  2. Optimize space heating
  3. Reduce outside airflow rates
  4. Check boiler system
  5. Adjust plug loads
  6. Maintain ventilation
  7. Operations and maintenance program
  8. Install metering systems
  9. Update hot water systems
  10. New technologies (LED and plasma lights, etc.)
This list was compiled by SenseWare, gathered from energy management experts, to help minimize energy consumption, reduce energy bills and ensure tenants’ comfort. Keeping a building warm and energy efficient is a challenge most building operators, facility managers and building owners will face during this winter.

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