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Smart Thermostats

3 Reasons Your Smart Thermostat is Not Saving You Money

One of the advantages of the new smart thermostats is that you can program them to raise or lower the temperature of your home while you are away, for example, at work, for up to eight hours at a time. This should pay off in the form of saving you money on your energy bills. Keep in mind that you don’t need to spend $300 or more on a smart thermostat in order to save money. A $50 smart thermostat can do the same job without a large investment of money from you. What if you have already installed a smart thermostat in your home, but still aren’t seeing savings on your energy bills? Here are three possible reasons that your smart thermostat is not saving you money.

1) You Are Home All Day

Smart thermostats work best for people who are outside of the home for at least eight hours at a time. If you work from home and like to keep your home’s temperature comfortable while you are at home, you might not benefit from a smart thermostat. The whole idea behind a smart thermostat is that you can program it to raise (or lower) the temperature of your home while you’re out, thus saving you money on your energy bills. If you’re never out of the house, this might not work for you. If you are willing to sacrifice comfort while you are home, and will allow the smart thermostat to raise or lower your indoor air temperature during that time, then a smart thermostat can work to save you money.

If you're home all day, then a smart thermostat might not be right for you. (Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash)

2) Air is Escaping through Cracks in your Ducts and Vents

You most likely don’t even realize it, but air is probably escaping from small cracks in your air ducts and vents, rendering the work of your smart thermostat obsolete. These small cracks will cause your home’s temperature to be uncomfortable no matter how you set your thermostat. Aeroseal’s patented, award-winning technology will seal these cracks in your home’s air duct and vent system to keep your air in your living spaces, not in your attic or unfinished basement. Sealing your ducts helps to reduce your energy bill by running your HVAC for shorter periods of time. This means more money stays in your pockets.

Cracks in Air Ducts Waste Money
Small cracks in ductwork can be contributing to your smart thermostat not working correctly.

3) You Aren’t Programming Your Smart Thermostat Properly

Programmable thermostats are often controlled by an app that is on your smart phone. If you haven’t taken the time to learn how to properly use this app, you probably aren’t programming the controls on your smart thermostat properly. The temperature in your home might be remaining the same all day long, regardless of what you think you have programmed it to do. Be sure to read the information that accompanies your smart thermostat at the time of its installation and make sure that you understand how to program it correctly. Your thermostat installer can help you to comprehend its basics as well.

If your smart thermostat is not setup and programmed correctly, then it may not save you money.

Aeroseal can help you save money on your energy bills by sealing the cracks in your air ducts and vents and preventing your heat and air conditioning from escaping your home. There may even be energy rebates or special discounts available as incentives to seal your ducts. Contact us today to set up a consultation!

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