4 Facilities Save HVAC Fan Energy with Duct Sealing

Pause. Think about the utility bill for building. How much are you paying for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) throughout the facility? On average, 60% of building utility costs is HVAC. Furthermore, the 40% of the total HVAC cost is just the HVAC fan energy.

Therefore, saving HVAC fan energy is a big deal for buildings, and duct sealing is a proven way for facilities decrease the fan usage needs. We’ve done four Aeroseal duct sealing projects with tremendous results:

All of the above Aeroseal duct sealing projects showed better HVAC fan usage after sealing. In fact, Harvard university lowered fan speed by more than 60%!

Dollar savings are impressive too. The Houwman Federal Building recognized a 56% reduction in the cost for ventilation and a 31% reduction in the cost to heat and cool the building. Furthermore, the West Elementary School (K-2) in the Licking Heights School District (Blacklick, Ohio) reduced its energy bill by $45,000 per year and eliminated uneven heating issues!

Overlooked Energy Savings for Buildings

Energy efficiency and savings is definitely trending. As we push for more, the overlooked energy savings for buildings becomes more important…beyond the lights, HVAC, insulation. Energy conservation measures (ECM) like duct sealing make up the lesser known but extremely valuable energy-saving opportunities for facilities.

Are you a building owner or facility engineer/manager? Find a commercial Aeroseal service provider near you to learn more about the overlooked energy savings for buildings from duct sealing.

Are you a commercial contractor? We’d love to chat with you how Aeroseal can help you help your customers meet their energy efficiency and savings goals for their facilities (municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals, commercial, federal, and more). Call us, email us, or leave a comment below.

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