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Reduce Your Utility Bills

5 Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill

With summer just around the corner, you are probably looking forward to many things, including vacations, warm weather and outdoor fun. One thing you probably aren’t relishing, however, is a big air conditioning bill. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to prevent that from occurring. Here are five ways that you can lower your energy bills this summer.

1) Replace Your HVAC Air Filter

Your home’s HVAC system has its own air filter that helps to prevent dust from blocking your air vents and promotes air circulation in your home. A dirty HVAC air filter can make your air conditioner work harder just to circulate air and cool your home. Replacing your filters every few months can keep your air conditioner running more efficiently and can help to keep your air conditioning bills low.

Replace Your Air Conditioning Air Filter
Replace Your Air Conditioning Air Filter

2) Install a Smart Thermostat

Programmable smart thermostats allow you to set the temperature in your home for certain times, such as when you’re at work or when you’re asleep. This can drastically lower your air conditioning bill. The Department of Energy notes that you can lower your energy bill by ten percent per year simply by adjusting the temperature in your home by just ten degrees for eight hours each day. If you have a smart thermostat, it can help you to automate this process. Many of them even come equipped with apps that you can use to set your thermostat when you’re not home. Keep in mind that you don’t need to install a $300 thermostat to reap the benefits. Cheaper $50 smart thermostats can help you to save money on your air conditioning bill without making a huge investment.

Install a Smart Thermostat
Installing a Smart Thermostat is just one way to help lower air conditioning bills.

3) Have Your Ducts Sealed

You probably don’t even realize it, but your home’s duct system and air vents might have cracks and holes that are allowing the air conditioning to escape before it ever reaches the rooms in your home. Aeroseal’s patented technology will seal these cracks and holes, making sure that your air stays where you can feel it. You can even see real-time results as we seal these cracks, witnessing the air being kept inside your home. As a result, your next air conditioning bill should be much less!

Seal Your Ducts
Sealing your home's air ducts can help reduce your air conditioning bills in the summer.

4) Reduce the Amount of Sunlight in Your Home

If too much sunlight is coming into your home through your windows, it can heat up your house quickly. Installing sunlight-blocking draperies, shades or blinds can help to cut the amount of sunlight streaming in through your windows. Another option is to plant shade trees outside of your home, near your windows, to block direct sunlight.

Reduce Sunlight in Your Home
Reducing sunlight in your home can help reduce your air conditioning bills in the summer.

5) Insulate Your Home

In addition to cracks in your home’s duct system and air vents, there can also be unseen cracks throughout crawl spaces, attics and even in your home’s walls. Air can easily escape through these cracks, leading to air conditioning the outside of your home instead of the inside and increasing your energy bill. Having your home insulated can correct this problem and improve your home’s energy efficiency. While this can be a do-it-yourself job, having it professionally done is worth the investment and the lower energy bills that will be the payoff from that investment.

Insulate Your Home
Insulating your home can help reduce your air conditioning bills in the summer.

Contact Aeroseal today to request a free consultation and see how our award-winning duct sealing technology – used in 100,000+ homes nationwide – can help to reduce your air conditioning bill. See how comfortable and cozy your home can feel, as well as how you can reap the rewards of lower energy bills!

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