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7 Reasons Why Contractors, Builders Should Be Blogging

Does your company have a blog? Is it updated at least once a month? Is it directly connected to your business website and provide helpful information for your customers? If not, you are missing out on one of the most powerful (and inexpensive) marketing tools at your disposal. More than posts on Facebook. More than Tweeting. Even more than sending out press releases or cold calling prospects, blogging can be an extremely effective means of gaining new customers and growing your business.

A good example of some nice blogging comes from Chicago-based builder Fairfield Homes. Earlier this year, it published a nice 3-part blog series about the benefits of using Aeroseal duct sealing in residential new construction:

  1. High Utility Bills? Cold Spots? Indoor Allergens? Your Ducts May Be To Blame
  2. Smart Upgrades For A More Energy Efficient Home
  3. Getting The Most Out Of Your Heating And Cooling System

Each post in the series was written from an educational perspective about a unique benefit for using Aeroseal to seal ductwork in the construction phase of a new home. Give Fairfield Homes a call to learn more about its blogging tactic: 847-456-8017.

Here’s 7 reasons why you should be blogging like Fairfield Homes:

To Get Found on the Internet


There are company’s that pay experts tens of thousands of dollars each year to improve their chances of getting their website page listed as one of the top results during a Google search.  The “science” associated with search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex and ever-changing strategy. And while Google may continue to change their algorithms and alter the rules for ranking results, I’ve found one thing to be constant: blogging is key.

One of the fastest and most effective means of improving the odds of appearing on the first page of search results is to blog. For one, it’s an easy way to keep your site updated and fresh – one of the critical elements Google and other search engines use to determine your page ranking. The more you blog, the more current your site appear, the higher your ranking.

One of the fastest and most effective means of improving the odds of appearing on the first page of search results is to blog.

As with other SEO-related tools, be sure to consider the use of keywords in your blog posts. Think about the words your customers would type into Google to find the products/services you offer, then write blog posts that include those same words.

To Drive Traffic (to Your Website)


More website visitors = more opportunities to sell your services = more customers. The equation is simple enough, but increasing traffic to your site isn’t always so easy. A blog that is directly connected to your website, however, can be a powerful magnet for new visitors. One easy way to accomplish this is to offer a short summary of each blog post on your social media sites. Then provide a link that goes back to the original post. Teasing the piece on Facebook or LinkedIn first, is a sure fire way to get interested parties to click on that link to learn more.

To Increase Revisits


It’s nice to have a new visitor find your site and learn about your services. It’s even better if loyal customers visit your site often. This gives you a chance to develop customer loyalty and it allows you to keep paying customers informed about specials or services they should be considering.

With a little thought, you can increase the number of times someone visits your website, by providing reasons for them to come back often – and blogs provide the perfect vehicle for doing just that. You can, for instance, regularly post discount coupons on your blog or have pop-up specials.

Unlike web pages, blog posts are easy to add and edit so you can quickly offer a weekend special or address an immediate concern. Expecting a heat wave this weekend? Offer a discount on servicing the air conditioner before the temperature begins to soar. Not only does a blog allow you to announce this special in a timely manner, but it provides an incentive for visitors to come back again and again.

To Turn Visitors into Leads


Qualified leads are the holy grail for most any successful sales strategies and a blog can help you score the customer contact information you’re looking for.

Blog about something related to your products or services and then offer the reader something in exchange for their email address and phone number. It doesn’t have to be expensive – it could something as simple as an article reprint, more information, a discount coupon or a company t-shirt.

I know an HVAC shop in Indiana that wrote a blog post about how duct sealing can improve indoor air quality.  The end of the post included a link to an offer for a free booklet on IAQ from the American Lung Association.  The link sent the blog reader to a landing page that asked for contact information (and permission for the HVAC business to use that information) in order to receive the booklet. That simple blog post and offer generated dozens of qualified leads – and ultimately, several new customers.

To Become A Thought Leader


Getting your self-written article published in the local newspaper can be difficult. Getting it published on your blog is a snap. Turn your blog into a regular “column” and you can begin to establish your credentials as an industry leader and go-to expert in the field.

With a little bit of additional work, you can ensure that your “column” is seen regularly by magazine editors, social site facilitators, fellow bloggers and others interested in reprinting your piece. Before you know it, outside sources will be coming to you for your knowledge and expertise.

To Test Ideas


Not sure if your customers are more interested in improved comfort than they are in energy savings? Write several blog posts about each subject and then monitor to see which gets more attention/repostings/downloads. Better yet, ask them. Blogging provides an ideal conduit for getting customer feedback on a host of issues related to your business success.

To Build Customer Relations


More now than ever before, consumers are interested in supporting businesses that support their communities. A blog post is a perfect tool for talking about community-related issues and showing off your involvement in neighborhood issues.

Does your company sponsor the local little league team? Talk about it in your blog. Better yet, post regular scores and reviews of each game to attract new visitors that would never think about checking out a HVAC website.

With a bit of tact, you can introduce audiences that come for baseball scores to information about the services you offer.  Even if you don’t, they will learn that you are a local shop that cares about the neighborhood and you will have risen to the top of their list when they do need your expertise.

Yes, blogging – like any marketing activity – does take thought and effort.  As a marketing tactic, however, the ROI is one of the highest there is. In a future issue of Duct Duct News, we’ll look at some key considerations that will improve the effectiveness of your blog postings.

Need Blogging Help?

As an Aeroseal Dealer or Comfort Institute Member, you have access to a state-of-the-art, customized business support system. Give us a call 877-349-3828, email us, or leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you and discuss our exclusive contractor resources with you.

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