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A Changing World

Your world is about to change…and that could be good news if you’re ready for it.

That was the essence of what Sam Rashkin had to say to more than 200 HVAC professionals who gathered in Chicago last month for the third annual Aeroseal Success Summit.  If there is anyone who can foresee the future of the HVAC industry, it is Sam.

A pioneer in sustainable building design, Rashkin is the man behind the D.O.E.’s Energy Star for Homes program and, as Chief Architect for the Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office, he developed and helped to lead the agency’s world-class research program, Building America. As he addressed the packed room of Aeroseal dealers, Comfort Institute members and industry specialists, he zeroed in on what he sees as the most important insight into the future of sustainable homes and buildings.

“Within the next five years, comfort systems will come with fault protection and diagnostics that will automatically reveal to the homeowner any problems with the system,” said Rashkin.

Sam Rashkin 2017 Summit Quote
Sam Rashkin 2017 Summit quote about change

“This will make quality installation an imperative – a positive development for HVAC contractors…if they prepare for it.”

With that, the 2017 Aeroseal Success Summit escalated into a three-day event packed with workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities designed to enable new levels of business success for attendees.

A major theme of this year’s summit was “Change” – the type of change that results in business growth. Several guest speakers shared advice and insights into how to make that happen. Mark Matteson, author of Freedom From Fear and Chad J. Willet, author of Smash The Box, challenged attendees to identify the types of changes they wanted over the coming year and then laid out the next steps needed to turn these dreams into reality.

Summit 2017 Chicago Networking
Summit 2017 Chicago Networking

During the multitude of networking opportunities at this year’s Summit, participants – many from some of the most successful HVAC shops in the country – shared their personal experiences and industry observations.

“We’ve been hearing for the past several years that home performance servicing represents the future of the HVAC and home contracting industry,” said Ken Summers, senior partner, Comfort Institute. “But you only need to talk to the attendees of this summit about their growing business success to know that the future is now.”

“The practical business information I get and the quality networking that goes on at this event makes it the single most valuable event of the year for me,” said Bill Wallace, Aeroseal of Peoria. “Each year, I come away with solid, effective tips on how to take my business to the next level – and it works.”

In addition to workshops and training sessions, Success Summit attendees learned about new products and breakthrough technological innovations designed to maximize profit and open new opportunities for business success. This year’s participants were some of the first to hear about AeroBarrier, a breakthrough envelope sealing technology that promises to change the very core of how homes and buildings are constructed.

“Today, envelope sealing is typically a multi-product, multi-stage process fraught with room for error and inefficiency,” said Dr. Mark Modera, inventor of Aeroseal technology and professor at the University of California, Davis. “Now, imagine a technology that draws inspiration from aerosol duct sealing technology that turns the process into a single step solution that seals home and building envelopes to the highest standard of tightness possible.”

According to Modera, AeroBarrier represents a sea-change for the construction trade and another opportunity for business professionals looking to serve the home and building performance industries.

“Imagine a technology…that turns the process into a single step solution that seals home and building envelopes to the highest standard.”

Dr. Mark Modera
Aeroseal/AeroBarrier Technology

“The impact that AeroBarrier technology will have on the industry can not be overestimated,” said Aeroseal president, Amit Gupta. “Together with aeroseal duct sealing technology, it serves as a one-two punch for the advancement of high performing homes and buildings. Attendees at this year’s Success Summit came to discuss real strategies for positive industry change and they got it.” Below is a brief video overview of the new AeroBarrier technology.

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