A Great Explanation

There’s a reason why the crew of This Old House are considered tops in the home repair programming arena. They are not only experts at fixing houses, there is no team better at providing clear, concise explanations of what they are doing. If you missed the latest episode of Ask This Old House (season 12 episode 20) you really missed the best presentation I’ve seen about this game-changing technology. Since the job it does is more or less hidden from view, Aeroseal is not the easiest thing to explain to the uninitiated, but the show’s HVAC expert Richard Tretheway made it seem simple…and he covered the important things to know. If you’ve ever wondered why your energy bill is so high, why some of the rooms in your house don’t get the heat (or air conditioning) that they should or why your house is persistently dusty, this feature on duct sealing will explain it – and show you why it’s so much more effective than other methods of duct sealing. You’ll also get a great idea of what the Aeroseal process entails. The duct sealing feature has been posted on the Aeroseal website. You can also find the entire episode on the PBS website. duct sealing this old house      

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