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Aeroseal Joins HBA Image

Aeroseal Joins Home Builders Association

Following the recent AeroBarrier press release, we are excited to announce Aeroseal is a proud member of the Home Builders Association of Dayton (HBA). For over 70 years, HBA has proven to be an excellent resource for both builders and homeowners. Combine it with the Aeroseal portfolio of industry-changing energy efficiency solutions — from Aeroseal duct sealing to Comfort Institute (CI) to AeroBarrier envelope sealing — and you have something really special. As we continue to positively impact the world one home, one building at a time, joining HBA is simply a “next chapter.” We invite you to be part of this magnificent story. Are you a homeowner? Visit our CI Contractor Locator or Aeroseal Dealer Locator to find top notch service professionals for all of your HVAC and home performance needs. Are you a business owner? Visit Aeroseal Commercial, CI Business, or AeroBarrier sites to see how we are positively shaping your industries.

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