Ameresco, Texas A&M, Aeroseal

Ameresco and Other Energy Service Companies Use Aeroseal

Recently announced, Ameresco and Texas A&M are working together on the university’s largest single energy reduction and modernization project. The project is anticipated to provide “a guarantee of annual energy savings to the university through 2037,” and Aeroseal duct sealing is part of it. Read about the project here.

Ameresco and Aeroseal have worked together on energy-saving projects before to use duct sealing as an energy conservation measure (ECM) in buildings.

Unfortunately, many people overlook duct sealing as a way to meet energy efficiency goals despite its direct impact on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) fan energy.

When ductwork in a building is not properly sealed, conditioned air from the furnace or air conditioning unit leaks and does not make it to the desired rooms/spaces. These leaks cause the HVAC equipment to work harder to properly heat, cool, and ventilate a building.

How Aeroseal Saves Energy

Here’s a brief video that explains how Aeroseal saves energy in buildings:

Are you a building owner or facility engineer/manager? Find a commercial Aeroseal service provider near you to learn more about the benefits of duct sealing for your facilities and HVAC equipment.

Are you a commercial contractor? We’d love to chat with you how Aeroseal can help you help your customers meet their indoor air quality (IAQ), energy efficiency, and comfort goals for their facilities (municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals, commercial, federal, and more). Call us, email us, or leave a comment below.

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