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Beyond Product of the Year…The Reigning Champ

It’s been just about one year from this very date that Aeroseal duct sealing won the title of reigning champ against some of the HVACR industry’s biggest heavyweights in the AHR Expo 2016 Innovation Awards (Product of the Year competition).

See the innovative technology as seen at the annual AHR Expo.

Over the twelve months following receipt of this esteemed prize, Aeroseal has continued to evangelize its innovative approach to sealing ductwork, and the world has apparently embraced its efforts. Here are just a few of the highlights of what’s been happening since the Product of Year trophy was placed on the company’s mantel:


The Aeroseal Family Grows. Just as we were about to ring in the new year, a new contract was signed to make it official…aeroseal duct sealing is now available in all fifty states throughout the U.S.

“We’ve been close for sometime now,” said Aeroseal CEO Amit Gupta, “but there were a couple of states that continued to lack official dealer representation. As we approached the beginning of 2017, it was our new dealer from Wyoming that help us reach this milestone.”

“Becoming an Aeroseal dealer just made a lot of sense,” said Martin Occhi, president of Wyoming Works, an energy service solutions provider headquartered in Star Valley, Wyoming. “Since aeroseal can seal leaks in hidden and other hard to reach ductwork, we can, for the first time, help homeowners eliminate one of the most significant causes of energy waste. We expect our new aeroseal services to quickly become a key component of our overall business success.”

Over the course of this past year, Aeroseal has welcomed more than 150 new businesses to its family of licensed dealers. And they aren’t all found in the United States. As aeroseal success stories continue to spread around the globe, so too does demand for the technology. As of the first of the year, Aeroseal dealerships can be found in more than a dozen countries around the globe including Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the Philippines among others. Read the full press release here.

Aeroseal Middle East.  To help meet demand in the Middle East, Aeroseal announced Doby Verrolec as the company’s official representative in the Middle East’s gulf region. A leading manufacturer and supplier of ductwork components for much of the Middle East, Doby will now be on hand to help ensure that regional Aeroseal dealers will have the supplies and support they’ll need to succeed in this growing market.

Doby Verrolec Reps with Aeroseal SVP Neal Walsh
Aeroseal/CI partners with EGIA and SR

New Partnerships.  Since receiving Product of the Year, Aeroseal has announced partnerships with several industry powerhouses including Service Roundtable and EGIA. Members of both organizations will share benefits, discounts, and tools that will help ensure success in the year ahead.

Expanded Training.  In 2016 Aeroseal expanded its HQ facilities including the creation of a dedicated training facility and expanded R&D lab. With an eye towards dealer support, the company also began monthly dealer development training classes. The Kickstarter class is geared toward the new dealer looking to get up and profitable ASAP, while the Energize classes provide ongoing tips and tricks for helping existing dealers maximize duct sealing success.

In The News.  And of course, Aeroseal continues to get headline coverage in the press. In 2016, the use of aeroseal technology was featured on both PBS’s This Old House with Kevin O’Connor (pictured to right) and HomeTime with Dean Johnson. The technology was featured in dozens of articles read by homeowners – from North American Builders and Healthy Indoors magazine to Her Home and Family Handyman. Even the U.S. Department of Energy’s website sported a feature story on this innovation that is changing the rules on home energy savings.

Increasing Comfort / Saving Energy.  Perhaps most importantly, over the past twelve months, Aeroseal’s network of licensed dealers has been on the job. Over the past twelve months, well over 60,000 homes were made more comfortable, more healthy and more energy efficient with aeroseal.

Kevin O'Connor Keynote for Aeroseal

The new year has barely begun and Aeroseal has already racked up a couple of new awards, attention in the press and new duct sealing success stories from around the world. Stay tuned for more great things to come in 2017 from the 2016 Product of The Year.

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