Meet Codes in New Homes, Guaranteed, Unprecedented New Construction Program

Recently, Aeroseal announced the HVAC industry’s first “Meet Code the First Time” Guarantee. However, it’s more than just a guarantee. It’s part of an unprecedented new construction program to help contractors overcome code requirements for airtight ducts that’s easier and more cost-effective than hand sealing (e.g. mastic, tape).

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Since celebrating the 20th anniversary of Aeroseal duct sealing in 2017 and launching the All-New HomeSeal Connect in 2018, Aeroseal just made another big, bold move […]

Homeowners use Aeroseal

Homeowners Feel More Comfortable, Lower Utility Bills with Aeroseal

Contractors are truly making the lives of homeowners better, worldwide. Recently, Arizona Homeowner Don T. and his wife just had their home ductwork sealed with Aeroseal by local contractor FreshEnergy Home Comfort Solutions (a.k.a. Brothers Reidhead Insulation). The sealing was an oustanding success, and the story is truly life-changing, for the better!
Prior to sealing the air duct system of their house with Aeroseal, Don and his wife were dealing with uncomfortable temperatures in their home and high monthly utility […]


Importance of Proper Ventilation in Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and medical facilities are typically “on-call” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, ventilation in these critical care facilities is of prime importance. A recent article in HPAC Engineering outlines several ventilation strategies for healthcare facilities that could help decrease energy use while still maintaining indoor air quality and patient safety.
Hospitals consume significantly more energy than buildings and facilities of similar size due to the occupancy and hours of operation. The large quantity of outside air necessary […]

LA Unified

LA Unified School District’s Pilot Aeroseal Project Receives Top Grade

With more than 900 schools and 14,000 building structures spread out over 800 different sites in and around the greater Los Angeles area, LA Unified is the second largest school district in the nation. Given its size, district administrators learned long ago that having a sensible energy savings strategy was critical to keeping utility costs down. So it was up to Adrian Tylim, the district’s sustainability manager, to be on the lookout for emerging technologies that could potentially reduce […]

Commercial Building - Chicago - ADA

American Dental Association Improves Ventilation, Meets Code with Aeroseal

For the past decade, Mike Kosinski and his team of experts at CEPro Inc. have been taking great care of the historic ADA building on Chicago’s Near North Side. Built in 1965, the 23-story skyscraper has undergone numerous upgrades and renovations, but none as transformative as those being planned for the building’s 4th-floor medical laboratory. Unfortunately, leaks in risers that connect the labs fume hoods to two rooftop fans were making adequate ventilation impossible. Not able to meet stringent […]

Naval Base

Naval Base Kitsap Fixes Mold, IAQ Issues with Aeroseal Duct Sealing

During a major renovation project, NAVFAC Northwest was on a mission to solve a persistent mold and mildew problem plaguing its 4-story, 380+ room bachelors enlisted quarters at Naval Base Kitsap. Washington Patriot Construction wasn’t sure that poor ventilation was the cause, but pretesting showed that little if any of the exhaust ducts were pulling sufficient amounts of air out of the bathrooms and shower areas where the mold and mildew were most persistent.
Contractors noticed that much of the […]

OSU William Hall

Aeroseal Helps OSU Dormitory Make the Grade

Aeroseal has been featured in the press recently for a project it handled at The Ohio State University (OSU). Construction was complete on the brand new, high-tech, energy-efficient William Hall dormitory, and preparations were underway for it’s grand opening in just a few weeks. Unfortunately, much to their surprise, school administrators were shocked to hear that the new building’s ventilation system FAILED to pass crucial pressure tests needed to meet fire code regulations and targeted LEED requirements.
The building’s ventilation […]

Big Man on Campus at Ohio State, Princeton, Syracuse

Ohio State, Princeton, Syracuse Have a New B.M.O.C.

Let’s think back to the “good ol’ school days.” Who was the “Big Man on Campus” (B.M.O.C.) at your school? In HVAC terms, Aeroseal has claimed the prestigious title at many top-notch schools.
The Ohio State University

Property Owners: The Ohio State University
Project Contractors: Smoot Construction
Property Name: William Hall Complex Expansion
Type: 6-story dormitory. 80+ living suites
Goal: Eliminate leaks in 19 ventilation shafts; pass fire code specifications; receive LEED Silver certification
Results: All shafts sealed in less than two weeks

Princeton University

Building: Princeton University, […]

Harvard logo

Five Things Smart Buildings Have in Common

More and more “smart” commercial buildings are being built these days. And, no, we don’t mean Ivy League smart. The term “smart building” instead refers to network-enabled building management systems that help automate building operations, with the goal of saving energy and $$.
A recent article on stated recently, “these technologies, once considered revolutionary, are steadily becoming the norm in today’s premier office buildings.” The site listed five specific examples of web-enabled smart building features that can make a […]