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CEC Adopts 2019 Title 24 Standards, Year of Duct Rumors Continue

Wow! There was quite the cover story in the June 2018 issue of Indoor Comfort News. Contributor Ted Rieger wrote about the California Energy Commission (CEC) adoption of 2019 Title 24 energy efficiency standards. The Year of the Duct building code rumors continue.

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Building codes throughout the country have been getting a lot of media buzz lately. Energy efficiency for HVAC systems is a growing priority among building owners, […]

ASE: How Does New Tax Law Change Expensing For Energy Efficiency Improvements?

New Tax Code Benefits Building Owners, Potentially Millions Saved in HVAC

There’s been a lot of buzz about the new tax code changes that were signed into law at the end of 2017.
In a previous blog post, we published a tax code 101 for understanding new tax savings for small businesses on HVAC equipment. The changes also impact building owners and contractors in the commercial HVAC industry.
READ NOW: Tax Code 101: Understanding New Tax Savings for Small Businesses on HVAC Equipment.

Recently, the Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) published an interesting article […]

LA Unified

LA Unified School District’s Pilot Aeroseal Project Receives Top Grade

With more than 900 schools and 14,000 building structures spread out over 800 different sites in and around the greater Los Angeles area, LA Unified is the second largest school district in the nation. Given its size, district administrators learned long ago that having a sensible energy savings strategy was critical to keeping utility costs down. So it was up to Adrian Tylim, the district’s sustainability manager, to be on the lookout for emerging technologies that could potentially reduce […]


Infographic: 5 Game-Changing Facts About Air Ducts

A new study from the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) examining the viability of duct sealing in commercial buildings, revealed several criteria that could be used to help identify buildings most likely to realize significant energy and cost saving benefits from air duct sealing. The study also concluded that aerosol-based duct sealing proved more effective and produced a faster return on investment (ROI) as compared to traditional duct sealing methods, particularly when access to ductwork was limited.
Highlights of the study, Duct Leakage and Retrofit Duct Sealing in Minnesota Commercial and Institutional […]


ASHRAE, Building Codes Development, Adoption

Codes are designed to be good building practices. They are not meant to penalize or add needless requirements, said David Terry, executive director of the national Association of State Energy Officials. Understanding how codes are developed and adopted and knowing how to appeal codes at both the local and international levels can help engineers address their code challenges.
Code Development
Organizations usually call on code officials, engineers, architects, contractors and others to form committees that review the model codes and discuss […]

ACHR News HVACR Trends. Chilled Beams.

ACHR HVACR Trends, Chilled Beams Potential Stifled

HOT OFF THE PRESS! ACHR News publishes an astounding HVACR trend regarding chilled beams systems.
Chilled beam technology has been a hot topic in the HVAC industry. However, ACHR News reveals a significant challenge for the growth of the chilled beam trend (but there’s hope…keep reading).
ACHR News contributor John Dixon highlights the growth in chilled beam usage, “Chilled beam systems have been successfully used for decades throughout Australia and central Europe…Here in the U.S., chilled beam technology is less prominent […]

Building Codes 560x300`

Code Changes for Duct System Standards You Should Know

As we head into a new year, the future of government regulations affecting environmentally friendly building practices is up for grabs. For green building proponents, however, the White House is not the be-all, end-all when it comes to industry practice. In fact, states like California, Illinois and Washington, as well as industry organizations such as ASHRAE and the International Code Council (ICC) continue to push for building standards that prioritize energy efficiency.
Nowhere is this more apparent than in some […]

Building Commissioning 560x300

Data Needed for LBNL Commissioning Study Update – Can You Help?

Lawrence Berkley National Labs (LBNL) and the Building Commissioning Association (BCxA) are collaborating to produce a long-awaited update to “Building Commissioning: A Golden Opportunity for Reducing Energy Costs and Greenhouse-Gas Emissions,” last revised by Evan Mills in 2009. The purpose of the study is to update the metrics that establish the value of the building commissioning (Cx) industry. This three-part study will include:

Market Survey. Provides general feedback on market influences, drivers for procuring commissioning services, incorporation of established Cx […]

Commercial IAQ

IAQ Market Set to Explode. How Ready Are You?

Recently, ACHR News projected tremendous growth in the commercial indoor air quality (IAQ) market. ACHR contributor Nicole Krawcke shared compelling stats from a recent BCC Research report, “the U.S. IAQ market is forecast to grow to $10.8 billion by 2021, increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3 percent from 2016 to 2021.”
Krawcke also pointed out that IAQ is no longer lagging behind energy efficiency. Historically, energy efficiency has been the major driver in commercial projects. However, […]

Air and Buildings

Airflow Control in Buildings

Structural leaks – whether they exist in ductwork, between interior compartments or in the outer building envelope itself, can all have a dramatic impact on airflow. And airflow directly effects the comfort, indoor air quality, energy efficiency and other aspects of building performance. Therefore, having a comprehensive understanding of the factors that influence internal airflow and the consequences of building design on airflow characteristics is critical.
This following article excerpt first appeared in a post from Building Science Corporation (BSC). […]