CEC Adopts 2019 Title 24 Standards, Year of Duct Rumors Continue

Wow! There was quite the cover story in the June 2018 issue of Indoor Comfort News. Contributor Ted Rieger wrote about the California Energy Commission (CEC) adoption of 2019 Title 24 energy efficiency standards. The Year of the Duct building code rumors continue.

Building codes throughout the country have been getting a lot of media buzz lately. Energy efficiency for HVAC systems is a growing priority among building owners, contractors, and builders. More specifically, Rieger highlighted, “The 2019 Nonresidential Standards incorporate mechanical updates for ventilation systems and requirements to conform with ASHRAE standards and include high-rise residential ventilation, natural ventilation, and exhaust system updates.”

Not familiar with the latest ASHRAE standards? There are a handful of code changes for duct system standards in the works.

ASHRAE 90.1 is impacting 1) the amount of ductwork to be tested, and 2) the amount of allowable leakage. Read the full story here.

ASHRAE SPC215 takes duct testing to a new level by specifying the methods of duct testing to be used to determine leakage. Read the full story here.

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Not a Commercial Guy? There’s a lot happening with residential code changes too. Building Performance Institute (BPI) Technical Director John Jones recently spoke in a live webinar about cracking the new codes:

  • What states and markets are planning new codes
  • How to use for your competitive advantage
  • An outside-the-box approach to meeting new codes

Need CEUs? John Jones’ presentation is eligible for a 1 FREE BPI CEU. Watch it on-demand here.

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