Doby Verrolec Reps with Aeroseal SVP Neal Walsh

Doby Verrolec Named Aeroseal Representative for Middle East Gulf Region

Aeroseal LLC has announced Doby Verrolec as the company’s representative in the Middle East’s gulf region. In this role, Doby Verrolec will promote and facilitate the use of aeroseal technology for use in new construction and HVAC retrofit projects throughout all Arab States of the Persian Gulf (excluding Iraq).
As the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality ductwork components and installation systems for much of the Middle East, Doby Verrolec has built a reputation as the region’s most trusted experts in duct system performance. Their strong relationships with building contractors operating within the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) provides a significant opportunity to extoll the benefits of using Aeroseal technology to increase HVAC system efficiency and reduce labor costs associated with installing and repairing ductwork. “From the Daman Building Skyscraper in Dubai to the state-of-the-art Sidra Medical Center in Qatar, Aeroseal technology has already proven to be a project saver for some of the most prestigious construction projects in the Middle East,” said Malcolm Moss, managing director at Doby Verrolec. “We look forward to promoting this new technology as well as supporting all of the service providers that are helping ensure the successful adoption of Aeroseal across the Middle East.” Pictured: Aeroseal’s SR VP of Commercial Sales Neal Walsh (Ctr) pictured with representatives of Doby Verrolec at the recent “Big 5” construction event in Dubai. Read press release

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