National HVAC Tech Day

Don’t Forget to Hug Your HVAC Tech Today!

Yes, folks… Today is National HVAC Tech Day! The day to say “Thank You” to your HVAC tech for all he or she has done for you.

National HVAC Tech Day was created in 2016 by ARS/Rescue Rooter, to show appreciation for all HVAC technicians in the industry – both residential and commercial.  These days, many of us take the indoor comfort of our homes and offices for granted. But it’s the technicians who keep these HVAC systems running, day and night.

Aeroseal would definitely like to take this opportunity to thank and recognize our network of HVAC contractors across the globe for the work they do every day to keep their customers comfortable in their homes and offices!  Aeroseal duct sealing helps HVAC systems work more efficiently and deliver that nice cold (or warm) air exactly where it needs to go – thereby saving on energy bills. It also helps prevent infiltration of dust and allergens into occupied spaces – thereby improving indoor air quality. Click the links below to locate an Aeroseal provider near you.

Truth be told, HVAC technician is not one of the most “glamorous” jobs in the world. They work in harsh conditions, including extreme heat or numbing cold, in confined spaces, often outside of normal business hours. A few hours without heat or air conditioning may be uncomfortable for us, but HVAC techs work in those conditions every day, often at the hottest and coldest times of the year. So let’s say “Thanks” to them for all they do!

FYI – According to the National Day Calendar, HVAC techs share their special day with onion rings and chocolate eclairs.  So, feel free to share an onion ring or eclair with your favorite HVAC tech today!

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