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Duct Sealing 2013 Photo Review

We recently posted several photos on our Facebook page that show some of the duct sealing highlights of this past year. Since it was so popular, and because many of our blog readers aren’t necessarily our Facebook friends as well, I thought I would share some of the photos in this first post of the new year. If you are an Aeroseal dealer, we’d love to see any on-the-job photos you may want to share. Just posted them in the comments here. The same goes for homeowners that have had their home ducts sealed from the inside. And to everyone – here’s to a warmer winter, cooler summer, lower energy burning, comfortable, indoor healthy year ahead! 2460s 2013 was a great year for home improvement expert Mike Holmes. He was named Forbes 3rd most trusted celebrity AND he had his home Aerosealed. The duct sealing was caught on camera for (hopefully) future broadcast. Arzanah med           New state-of-the-art medical complex in Abu Dhabi relies on Aeroseal duct sealing throughout its facilities to meet building performance specifications.  The picture below shows the actual duct sealing process from within the complex. 4             At the tail end of 2013 Aeroseal introduced HomeSeal, the next generation residential duct sealing equipment. This new system makes duct sealing easier, faster and more affordable than ever before… and it’s easily portable!130s               The engineers at Aeroseal designed the HomeSeal system to be as convenient as possible. Now, most all of the equipment comes pre-assembled and ready to go. This not only reduces set up time, but makes duct sealing simple.1   In 2013 Aeroseal went global. Aeroseal duct sealing is now available for the first time in countries like Australia, Abu Dhabi, and France. The Aeroseal team in Canada has also grown. Here, a home in Milton, Ontrario (just outside of Toronto) is getting its ductwork sealed from the inside.IMG_2373se Speaking of Canada – Aeroseal was featured not he popular day time program, Marilyn Denis Show. Here, Marilyn’s home design expert Ramsin Khachi showed viewers how one family increased their indoor comfort with Aeroseal. IMG_2474s   Did I mention that HomeSeal one Best of Show award in 2013. It was dubbed one of the most important developments for HVAC dealers looking to grow their business. Here are four of Aeroseal’s finest accepting the award (from left: Matthew Modera, Amit Gupta, Vicki Auditore and Neal Walsh). IMG_2177   Several notable universities across the country used Aeroseal to improve energy efficiency and meet building specifications in renovation projects. From Princeton University to University of Wisconsin. The photo below shows William Hall, Ohio State University -a building that is now performing “green” with the help of a duct system that is sealed tight with Aeroseal. ohio state5   Here’s a couple of pictures from our feature on PBS’s show Hometime with Dean Johnson. The first one shows Dean getting instructions from Joe St.Pierre of Aeroseal Solutions as preparations are made to seal the ductwork in a new home construction.  The next shot shows, co-host Miriam Johnson (no relations) looking over Joe’s shoulder as they watch the results of the duct sealing being shown “real time” on a computer monitor. DSC02536slrSONY DSCThe MetLife Building in Manhattan gets its Aeroseal makeover as well. Met   Another happy family lives more comfortably in a home that has just been sealed with Aeroseal. They were looking for a way to reduce their energy bill and get even heating throughout their entire home. Aeroseal proved to be the answer. IMG_2818s A number of large medical facilities turned to Aeroseal this past year. Some were looking to  save energy, some wanted to increase their overall HVAC performance and a couple were actually looking to increase the health of their facilities by limiting the spread of airborne particles. In each case, Aeroseal proved to be the ideal solution. Below: Nemours Childrens Hospital, University of Ottawa Heart Institute and the VA Hospital’s VA House. Nemours   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   VA Aeroseal was also asked to come help with an upcoming episode of Ask This Old House (to be broadcasted later this year). IMG_2623s   Here, This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey works alongside the Aeroseal crew to seal ductwork of a viewers home. IMG_2669s Kevin O’Connor, host for This Old House, stops by for a closer look at the duct sealing process in action. 2   Here’s the final printout report after the job was done. A 94% reduction in duct leakage!   7   And finally (we never get tired of these) a couple of photos of happy homeowners who are now part of the Aeroseal family – enjoying greener, more comfortable, healthier lives, thanks to duct sealing with Aeroseal. Aeroseal@work drafts eliminated with Aeroseal  

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