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How to Keep Energy Costs Low as Cold Weather Approaches

As we “fell back” this past weekend, you realize how quickly cold weather is approaching. In preparation for winter, the Latin Times published an interesting article about keeping energy costs low in cold weather. It shared five helpful tips for prepping a home:

  1. Replace the Air Filter on Your HVAC System
  2. Seal the Foundation Vents on Your Crawl Space
  3. Close Your Fireplace Damper
  4. Install Insulation Over Your Hot Water Pipes
  5. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan Direction

All of these tips are great, but they still don’t address a major energy cost in homes: ductwork.

Many homeowners and contractors fail to recognize the importance of checking the ventilation in homes. It’s important to ensure ductwork is properly cleaned and sealed for the most efficient and effective airflow.

It’s one thing to replace the air filter on your HVAC furnace. However, if the ventilation system is not maintained, the majority of your HVAC system is being neglected. Beyond the HVAC unit (e.g. furnace, AC), there’s a complex system of metal tubes meant to carry conditioned air from the unit throughout the entire house.

Are you a homeowner? Find a licensed Aeroseal contractor near you to inspect your ductwork for any air leaks that could be causing your utility bills to increase.

Are you a contractor? We’d love to discuss the Aeroseal technology with you and it can help your customers with improving indoor air quality, home comfort, and energy savings. Call us 877-348-3828, email us, or leave a comment below.

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