Free Webinar! HVAC Duct Sealing: The Science and the Savings

Aeroseal is hosting a free webinar with Engineered Systems magazine on Wednesday, October 17, at 2pm ET. The webinar, titled HVAC Duct Sealing: The Science and Savings, will highlight the energy-saving benefits of sealing commercial ductwork as well as the science behind it.

Featured in the webinar will be actual energy-savings results from a recent duct sealing project at Pfizer Pharmaceutical in Puerto Rico. In the pharmaceutical industry, controlling the indoor environment of manufacturing plants and labs is critical to success. So, when Pfizer began a large HVAC renovation, the company knew tight ductwork was essential.

After several failed attempts at traditional manual sealing, contractors recommended Aeroseal, an internal approach to duct sealing. To prove success, painstaking measurements were taken before and after the work was done. This webinar looks at how Pfizer quickly repaired leaky ductwork, improved operations and realized tens of thousands of dollars in annual energy savings. Register Now!

Panelists for the free webinar are:

Editor in chief of Engineered Systems magazine, Herb Woerpel, will moderate the webinar on October 17, at 2pm ET. Register now to attend.

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