Crystal Ball, The Future

The Future of HVAC Revealed, ACCA IE3 2018

This week we are in Washington, D.C. for the 2018 ACCA IE3 conference. The event just started, and it’s already been an exciting time!

Are you attending ACCA IE3 this year? We hope you are clearing your calendars for the outstanding sessions, especially tomorrow’s session:

A Look Into the Crystal Ball the Future of HVAC

Connor Lokar has been presenting at association meetings for many years. His dynamic approach to a speaking engagement has been enjoyed by hundreds of business leaders as he provides a fresh look on how to make economic intelligence applicable and actionable. Download his speaker bio for more information.

In this dynamic Mainstage at IE3, Connor is going to share his expertise in the construction industry, understanding economic trends,  and implementation into business planning to give attendees a realistic look at what the future of our industry really is.

And his ability to relate to the next generation of business leaders, while helping current C-Suite executives will allow you to walk away with a better understanding of your employees and the ability to plan for the future with confidence.

With multiple products and services leading the future of HVAC, we are extremely excited for Lokar’s futuristic discussion tomorrow at ACCA IE3. After hearing him talk, you may just come to the realization that the future is now.

For more information about ACCA IE3 2018 and Lokar’s session, visit

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