Global Market Insights Report. Air Duct Market Growth 2017-2024.

New Global Market Insights Report Forecasts Air Duct Market Growth 2017-2024

Recently, the market research firm Global Market Insights published a new report that projects exciting growth for the air duct market 2017-2024. The full report is available by purchase only, but the research abstract is interesting. It’s interesting the article noted “enhanced thermal barrier from outdoor ambience” and “effective indoor temperature control of the building” as key factors for the growth. Another aspect to consider would be duct leakage. If the air ducts in a building are not sealed, then the thermal barrier and indoor temperature control of the building could be negatively affected. Temperature differences between rooms in buildings (or homes) are common issues that Aeroseal duct sealing can solve. When a building has both hot and cold rooms simultaneously, there could be air leaks in the ductwork that is causing improper airflow and ventilation that hinders all of the conditioned air from getting to the desired locations throughout the structure. Checking for and sealing leaks in air ducts ensures all of the conditioned air from the HVAC equipment gets to the desired locations throughout the building. Are you a building owner? Find an Aeroseal commercial service provider near you to see if sealing building air ducts could improve the temperature control, indoor air quality, and energy savings of your building. Are you a contractor? We’d love to chat with you how Aeroseal can help grow your business and meet your customers’ needs for better comfort, IAQ, system performance, and energy efficiency. Call us 877-349-3828, email us, or leave a comment below.

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