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Happy Energy Efficiency Day 2017!

Yes, today, October 5th, is Energy Efficiency Day. This is the second annual day for regional and national advocates, companies, government agencies, utilities and individuals to join together to showcase the benefits of energy efficiency. There are many ways for everyone to celebrate Energy Efficiency Day (check out some great tips for your office or home on the official website).

Here at Aeroseal we are particularly partial to tip #2: “Seal Those Leaks!”  We are ALL about sealing leaks and improving energy efficiency. Our patented duct sealing process can help home and business owners alike reduce their overall energy costs by an average of 20-40%. When duct leakage is eliminated, HVAC equipment does not have to work as hard or as long to deliver conditioned air to where it is intended, thereby reducing fan speed and saving energy.

But we’re not stopping at sealing only duct leaks any longer… our new cutting-edge aerosol envelope sealing process, AeroBarrier, is poised to change the way homes and buildings are constructed in the future. Although the official launch of AeroBarrier is slated for the International Builder’s Show (IBS) in January 2018, attendees at next week’s High Performance Building Summit in Atlanta will be able to get a little “sneak peek” into the technology.  The three-day Summit (Oct. 10-12) hosted by Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) will bring together high-performance building professionals from across the United States and Canada for learning, networking and collaboration.

On Wednesday morning, October 11, Curtis Harrington, research engineer at U.C. Davis, and Paul Springer, Business Development Manager for Aerobarrier will be presenting a breakout session titled: “Building America – Aerosol Sealing of Building Envelopes in New Construction.” Harrington worked closely on the development of the AeroBarrier product alongside original Aeroseal inventor Dr. Mark Modera, also of U.S. Davis. The AeroBarrier envelope sealing technology will also be highlighted at the Summit as part of an award-winning, energy-efficient home project done by Mandalay Homes in Prescott, AZ. For more information on the EEBA Summit lineup, check out the full conference program.

Energy Efficiency Day celebrates current advances in energy efficiency as well as looking forward to the future. The celebrate, the Department of Energy (a partial funding source for the original Aeroseal technology research) curated a compilation of perspectives from highly regarded experts in its Building Technologies Office on the state of building energy efficiency today – and what they’re excited to see next!

No matter what is on the horizon, Aeroseal and AeroBarrier intend to continue pushing the envelope (pun intended) when it comes to energy-efficient homes and buildings. Happy Energy Efficency Day 2017! #EEDay2017.

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