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Homeowner feels more comfortable with duct sealing.

Homeowner Feels More Comfortable with Duct Sealing

One of our dealers Aeroseal Red River Valley (Aeroseal RRV) just finished a duct sealing job for a homeowner in North Dakota, and it was a tremendous success!

We sat down with Taylor Riedemann, the Comfort Advisor for Aeroseal RRV, to gather thoughts about this happy homeowner’s story. Read the full story below:

Erik’s Story

Hot flashes. And then those turned into moments of total freezing.

This was happening in my house. I would be in Finley or Simon’s room – and it would be like 74 degrees (which is enough to melt me). Then I would go down into the basement and it would be 64 degrees (which left me shivering). I guess you can say I’m sensitive 😉

The thermostat was set and yet nothing was consistent.

Make Your Home More Comfortable with Duct Sealing
Does your home have uneven or uncomfortable temperatures in different rooms? Sealing your ductwork can help.
Make Your Home More Comfortable and Efficient with Duct Sealing
Make Your Home More Comfortable and Efficient with Duct Sealing. Find Your Local Aeroseal Dealer to Help.

Anyhow – this guy named Taylor Riedemann came on my radio show and starts talking about Aeroseal Red River Valley. It was a bunch of HVAC jargon that was way over my head. We had a new furnace (as of 2 years ago), and so I was convinced that my house was designed to make me crazy.

Hot in some rooms. Totally cold in others.

I had HVAC professionals over at least half a dozen times to adjust air flow…and still, no change. I. Was. Going. Crazy.

So sure enough, Taylor comes over to my house and tells me that we’re the perfect candidates (they all say that, don’t they?). Turns out – we were.

He and his crew at Aeroseal Red River Vallley worked hard all day at our house. And when it was done, I told Taylor that if he crushed it for us (which I totally didn’t think would happen because nobody else had been able to remedy this problem), that I would shout it from the mountain tops.

Well – as I walk through my house – everything is now a perfect 69 degrees. I feel like I finally found the right porridge (not too hot, not too cold…but just right). Taylor and Aeroseal are the real deal.

Are you a homeowner? Make your home more comfortable and efficient by sealing your ductwork. Find an Aeroseal dealer near you to learn more how it works and get started.

Are a contractor? We’d love to chat with you how Aeroseal can help you help your customers. Call us 877-349-3828, email us, or leave a comment below.

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