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Homeowners Feel More Comfortable, Lower Utility Bills with Aeroseal

Contractors are truly making the lives of homeowners better, worldwide. Recently, Arizona Homeowner Don T. and his wife just had their home ductwork sealed with Aeroseal by local contractor FreshEnergy Home Comfort Solutions (a.k.a. Brothers Reidhead Insulation). The sealing was an oustanding success, and the story is truly life-changing, for the better!

Prior to sealing the air duct system of their house with Aeroseal, Don and his wife were dealing with uncomfortable temperatures in their home and high monthly utility bills. Thanks to Aeroseal, their problems are gone! Their home is more comfortable, and their monthly utility bills dropped by 30%!

But wait there’s more! Don and his wife liked Aeroseal so much that they sealed the ductwork in their second house too. Earlier this year, they decided to move into a new house, and one of the first things they wanted to do upon moving into their new home was seal the ductwork with Aeroseal. Then they shared their success story about using Aeroseal duct sealing for both of their homes on social media. Check out Don’s comment he wrote on one of our Facebook posts about their experience with Aeroseal:

We sat down with Don and his wife for an interview about their story. What they shared was truly amazing. A few of their thoughts are highlighted below.

What did you like most about your experiences sealing the ductwork in both of your homes with Aeroseal?

“The best part of getting the ducts sealed was the 30% savings in the electric bill. Second was the house was much more comfortable even though the thermostat was set higher.” (Don T., Homeowner)

Would you recommend Aeroseal duct sealing to other homeowners? If so, what would you tell them?

“Absolutely, if you want smaller electric bills and a more comfortable house.” (Don T., Homeowner)

Are you a homeowner reading this post? We’d love to help you feel more comfortable, breath cleaner air, and spend less in monthly utility bills too. Find a residential Aeroseal dealer near you.

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You can also contact the Aeroseal corporate office located in Centerville, Ohio, Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm, and our team is happy to help you!

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