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4 out of 10 Custom U.S. Homes Built with Improper HVAC, Authorities Say

PR Newswire just published some shocking insights backed by the EPA about residential new construction, “Four in 10 Custom Homes in the U.S. Are Built with Improper HVAC Systems.” Read the full article here.

The article brings to light how often homeowners are not involved with the HVAC system design when working with a builder for a new home. “One of the most important decisions (HVAC design) for the construction of new custom homes is typically left up to multiple subcontractors who are not looking at the whole picture,” the article quotes Neal Kearney, VP of Marketing for Scientific Environmental Design (SED).

Kearney added, “[Homeowners] need to know that the thermal envelope of the home will be sealed correctly and provide an air distribution system that is clean and stays that way.” At Aeroseal, we could not agree more!

Aeroseal duct sealing has become a proven choice for homeowners, builders, and contractors to ensure proper HVAC performance in their new homes. By using Aeroseal to seal ductwork in new construction homes, you will get your money’s worth from the new HVAC system.

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