Moving into a new house? Consider duct cleaning (and sealing)

Moving to a New House? A Unique Duct Cleaning (and Sealing) Opportunity

With April here and springtime (hopefully) here too, tis an excellent season for home buyers! Are you on the market? Recently, The Detroit News published an article about moving to a new home with interesting undertones for both duct cleaning and duct sealing. If you are a homeowner (or home contractor), then you probably already understand the importance of HVAC system (and duct) maintenance. But have you recognized the unique benefits of performing maintenance activities immediately upon moving into a new home? Glenn Haege of The Detroit News writes, “You should also have your air ducts cleaned by a NADCA, the National Air Duct Cleaning Association, [ ], certified duct-cleaning company to get rid of any dust and debris that may have accumulated from the previous owners.” Furthermore, if you are already doing the cleaning part, officials say duct sealing is a logical add-on to duct cleaning. Aeroseal representative Keith Garris will be presenting the unique benefits of adding duct sealing to duct cleaning in a NADCA 2017 post-show webinar next week. You can sign up to view it here.

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