Building Solutions June Poll Results

New Poll Reveals Insight into Chilled Beams and Air Tightness

Back in June, we launched a couple polls in our Building Solutions newsletter to gain insight into two unique topics that have received a lot of buzz recently: air tightness and chilled beams.

Though they don’t go together, they each share a common characteristic: tremendous growth opportunity. However, our poll results did not reflect that growth as strongly as we hoped.

For starters, only 60% of businesses in our poll said they are strongly concerned with air tightness. With changing building codes and new product innovations like AeroBarrier envelope sealing, the future market outlook is ripe!

Research authority Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) recently published an update about the new AeroBarrier product, anticipated to launch in early 2018. Read about it here.

Chilled beams are no different. 38% of businesses in our poll said they do NOT work on chilled beam systems. If you are not involved with this industry innovation, then you are missing opportunities!

In a recent press release on OpenPR, the chilled beams system market growth forecast 2015-2025 is very promising. View the report here.

Are you a contractor in the commercial industry? We’d love to hear your take on both air tightness and chilled beams in the market. Call us 877-349-3828, email us, or leave a comment below.

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