New Study Dispels HVAC Ductwork Myth

MYTHBUSTED: Duct leakage in interior ductwork does not contribute to home energy loss.

TRUTH: Sealing Ducts in CONDITIONED space can SAVE ENERGY!

The HVAC industry has believed that sealing ductwork located inside the thermal envelope does not translate to energy savings.

In a research study by Comfort Institute and the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, ducts located inside the thermal envelope did leak to the outside and resulted in energy savings of up to 16%.

This study dispels the current believe that sealing your ductwork located inside the thermal envelope (basements/crawl spaces/wall cavities) only benefits the homeowner by improving comfort (eliminating hot/cold spots) and improving the quality of the air we breathe and NOT in the reduction of energy. This study contradicts that myth and proves that sealing your ducts can save energy up to 16% (10% based on energy modeling). Rob McCracken, Director of Operations for GCEA, “We now have some initial data which contradicts the common opinion that duct sealing only saves energy if the leaky ducts are located in unconditioned spaces.”

Consumers have reported energy savings of (with ducts located in conditioned space) between 5-15%. In addition to COMFORT and CLEANER AND SAFER AIR, Aeroseal is excited about the confirmation of actual testing and modeling conducted by Comfort Institute and Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance. Sealing ducts is an important area to focus on from any contractor or consumer to truly generate the actual performance of the heating and/or cooling system. As a consumer; you are not getting what you pay, as safe and comfortable as you can be, without sealing your ducts! The Aeroseal technology is the most Effective, Affordable, and Simple solution available!

For more information about the study, read the press release.

For more information about Comfort Institute, visit

For more information about using the aerosol-based system, watch this introduction to how Aeroseal works.

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