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Over 50% Not Doing New Construction Duct Sealing. Oh My!

Last month, we launched a poll in Duct Duct News, a monthly newsletter by Aeroseal about the residential HVAC and performance contracting industries. Over 50% of the poll participants say they are not doing new construction duct sealing. Yikes! There’s a big opportunity there.

With the U.S. housing market growing and building codes for HVAC changing, there’s an increasing need for new construction duct sealing.

Furthermore, PR Newswire, backed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), just announced last week that 4 out of 10 custom U.S. homes are built with improper HVAC. A major culprit for this shocking stat is duct leakage.

If ductwork is installed in a new home but not sealed effectively, then duct leakage will occur. Meaning, the air being pushed through the ducts from the furnace will leak through unwanted, tiny holes and not actually reach the rooms you want it to go.

Ductwork installed in new homes can either be sealed by hand (e.g. mastic, tape), which is very labor intensive and can be hard to know if all the duct leakage is fixed. Or ductwork can be sealed using Aeroseal, a computerized duct sealing technology that reduces the manual hassle and more effectively eliminates duct leakage in new homes.

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