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The Overlooked Culprit to Poor Indoor Air Quality

Recently, ACHR News contributor Maria Taylor published an article about seven ways heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors can ensure homeowners breathe easy. The story covered a lot of good points:

  • Check/change your air filter regularly
  • Talk to homeowners about indoor air quality (IAQ) products available
  • Consider zoning and mini-split systems
  • Sizing HVAC equipment appropriately
  • Fixing humidity issues
  • Running a fan
  • Air sealing unconditioned spaces

Read the full ACHR News story here.

Duct sealing needs to be added to the list of ways to improve air quality in homes and buildings. When ductwork is not properly sealed, the airflow from the HVAC equipment to the desired rooms/spaces is messed up. Leaks (e.g. small holes, cracks, seams) in ductwork allows UN-conditioned air to enter the supply and return ventilation systems and get distributed throughout the rooms/spaces in a home or building. Un-conditioned air carries dust, allergens, and other airborne contaminants that people breathe when it gets blown into a room from a register.

Hospital Stops the Spread of Airborne Infections with Duct Sealing

An excellent example of how duct sealing improves IAQ in homes and buildings is a recent project with Nemours Children’s Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. The facility managers noticed nosocomial infections were spreading through the ventilation system.

Air leaks in the hospital’s ductwork was hindering the building’s exhaust system to properly expel contaminated air.

Read the full story: Nemours Children’s Clinic Halts Spread of Airborne Infections with Duct Sealing

Many hospitals around the world have sealed its ductwork with Aeroseal to ensure proper airflow of conditioned air. Here’s a list of other medical facilities sealed with Aeroseal:

Safe for Hospitals, Safe for Every Home and Building

All of the medical facilities using Aeroseal is a testament to the powerful benefits it provides for IAQ in homes and buildings. Medical facilities must maintain healthy air quality for its patients. Aeroseal duct sealing has proven to be a safe, effective way to improve IAQ in any kind of home or building.

Are you a homeowner? Find an Aeroseal dealer near you to learn more about how Aeroseal can make the air you breathe in your home healthier for you and your family.

Are you a contractor? We’d love to chat with you how Aeroseal can help you help your customers with air quality issues (e.g. humidity, mold, odors, dust, allergies) in their homes and buildings.

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About Aeroseal Technology

Before/After Aeroseal
  • Developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1994.
  • Research for aeroseal technology was partially funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Aeroseal is the only duct sealant technology that is applied from the inside of the duct system. It is delivered as a non-toxic aerosol mist that seeks out and plugs leaks.
  • Aeroseal has proven to be 95% effective at sealing air duct leaks.

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