Passive House (De)Constructed Event in NYC

Steven Winters Associates, Inc. (SWA) has put together a panel of experts, including AeroBarrier’s Neal Walsh, for a Passive House workshop on Wednesday evening, November 28th in New York City. The Passive House Standard is known for its stringent requirements, and meeting them can be daunting for even the most experienced architects and developers. However, new technologies and construction systems coupled with tried and true best practices, make building to the Passive House standard well within reach. This workshop will explore how to bring all the pieces together, from materials and design to construction and certification. Panelists for the event include Christopher Hamm, Building Systems Engineer, Steven Winter Associates; Dylan Martello, Senior Building Systems Consultant, Steven Winter Associates; Steve Bluestone, Owner, ICF Panels; Andy Huh, Founder, Fentrend; and Neal Walsh, Senior Vice President, AeroBarrier.  In addition to identifying the benefits of building Passive House, the panel will evaluate some misconceptions as well as offer advice in overcoming common building challenges. The event is free, but registration is required, and the session is currently full with a waiting list. Due to high interest level SWA is considering scheduling another session for this event.

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