No 3rd-Party Testing Required

The Florida State capitol building is the centerpiece of downtown Tallahassee. The 22-story structure towers over the entire city as it serves as Florida’s home to its executive and legislative branches of state government.

The Problem

During a building retrofit project involving several of the building’s bathrooms, engineers noted that much of the existing exhaust ductwork had never been sealed. Aside from building code regulations that require sealed ductwork, the contractors knew that sealed ducts are paramount to maintaining and ensuring proper exhaust.

The Solution

So while new fans and other equipment were being spec’d in to the original contractor bids, lead engineers familiar with Aeroseal also specified that the pricing of the innovative duct sealing solution be included in the selection process. Aeroseal was compared head-to-head with bids for traditional sealing – and won the contract. It not only proved to be the lowest cost solution to sealing the existing ductwork, but its unique from-the-inside application offered several other advantages.

Ductwork testing after sealing is all part of the normal Aeroseal process so we didn’t need to hire an additional contractor to ensure the sealing was effective.”

Jeremy Parker
Mechanical Contractor
Parker Services

The Results

A two-man crew from TruSeal of Florida sealed nine bathroom exhaust shafts over a single weekend. The total cost for the project was estimated to be around 30% lower then the average bid for traditional duct sealing. Since the aeroseal process includes pre- and post-leak testing, the additional costs associated with typical third-party testing were also eliminated. Most importantly, all of the ducts were effectively sealed, and proof of code compliance was assured. Download a PDF of this case.

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