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Properly Installed (and Sealed) Ductwork Can Help Lower Electric Bills

Don Rackler, Aeroseal President’s Club member and founder of Jon Wayne Air in San Antonio, TX, is definitely on to something! He authored the cover story for this month’s issue of IE3:HP (the online newsletter for ACCA) titled “Lower Electric Bills by Considering the Entire Home.” He rightly notes that in order to truly maximize savings on homeowner electricity bills, a contractor must look beyond the heating and cooling equipment and instead consider the entire home! First on his list of things to consider: 1) Correctly installed and sealed ductwork, followed by 2) adequate insulation and 3) avoiding bad types of infiltration. Luckily for homeowners…Aeroseal duct sealing from the inside can actually help address both items 1 and 3 on Don’s list… Ductwork Leaks, holes and poorly connected ducts are the culprits to blame for the loss of 20-30% of the air moving through ductwork, according to the EPA. In other words, around 25 cents of each dollar spent is wasted on the operation of heating and cooling equipment. HVAC equipment is only as good as the ductwork that supplies it. Efficiency ratings and capacity calculations are based on ideal laboratory conditions. When airflow is restricted by poorly-installed or unsealed ducts, functions can drop dramatically, robbing homeowners of expected utility bill savings from recently purchased “high” efficiency equipment. Bad Infiltration Many things can contribute to home infiltration (also known as air leakage). which occurs via open areas in the building construction from the living space to outside. Bad infiltration occurs due to open areas in the attic and/or crawlspace that allow air to pass into the home. Unsealed wall chases and unsealed ductwork are two major sources of bad infiltration that can contribute to higher electric bills as well as poor air quality and discomfort throughout the home. Pollutants drawn in from the attic and crawlspaces can include such things as allergens, insulation, dirt, dust and animal urine etc. Contact an Aeroseal service provider in your area for an assessment of your home and how you might be able to be more comfortable, while saving money on your utility bills. Read the entire IE3:HP article.  

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