Software Making HVAC Contracting Easy

Throughout the HVAC and performance contracting industries, we’ve seen tremendous technological innovation take place. Specifically, software capabilities are growing for contractors.

In a recent article on ACHR News, contributor Samantha Sine writes about how contractors are using software as an easier way to do things and ultimately offer better products and services to their customers. Sine highlights three areas of software growth in the HVAC and performance contracting industries:

  1. Field Service Management
  2. Fleet Management
  3. AutoCAD Software

You can read the full article here.

However, there’s a fourth category that’s been a true industry game-changer: Aeroseal computerized duct sealing.

Prior to Aeroseal, contractors could only seal air duct leaks by hand (e.g. mastic, tape). Unfortunately, hand sealing proved ineffective in sealing leaks, particularly hidden or hard-to-reach leaks.

Aeroseal duct sealing is a computerized system with proprietary software that provides an easier, more effective way to fix duct leakage in homes (and buildings too).

Entering 2018, Aeroseal launched a new version of its award-winning, patented duct sealing software (and hardware) known as HomeSeal Connect. It boasts the most cutting edge technological advancements in duct sealing. Download the product brochure here.

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