Zero Energy Buildings Growing in United States, Canada

Wow, Business Facilities Magazine published some interesting data about Zero Energy (ZE) activity in the United States and Canada.

The article highlights, “Zero energy buildings transcend North American climates and borders with buildings in 44 U.S. states and four Canadian provinces.” It’s exciting to see this adoption of ZE building. Though early, it has the potential to make buildings healthier and more energy efficient.

At Aeroseal, we are particularly excited to see the growth in ZE building because duct sealing is an important aspect of making buildings more energy efficient, and many industry authorities agree:

  • Berkeley National Labs released a building commissioning study that showed duct leakage to be the most expensive building fault. Annual energy cost from duct leakage is a whopping $2.9 billion!
  • ASHRAE estimates 75% of buildings have 10-25% air duct leakage. Aeroseal effectively locates duct leaks and seals them tight (up to 90% improvement).
  • Energy Star ranks air distribution as the #1 energy savings opportunity in existing buildings.

Furthermore, a big benefit of Aeroseal duct sealing in commercial buildings is energy savings. In a recent ESCO project, a building saw $3500/yr energy savings. Read about it here.

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