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Recently, the Center for Energy and Environment conducted a study related to concerns for duct leakage in commercial buildings. This webinar will cover the study’s findings, the energy inefficiencies from duct leakage, and how energy savings from duct sealing can be estimated using the proprietary Aeroseal energy model.

It will also cover three critical building issues caused from duct leakage and how to overcome them:

  1. HVAC system inefficiency
  2. Extra energy used for “makeup air”
  3. Wasted energy used by supply, return, and exhaust fans

Meet the Presenter

Josh Quinnell, CEEJosh Quinnell
Sr. Research Engineer
Center for Energy and Environment

Josh has 12 years research experience in solar energy, heat and mass transfer, and renewable technology development. For the last three years Josh has worked on building energy efficiency projects including commercial and institutional HVAC duct leakage, condensing boiler efficiency monitoring, optimization of energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems, residential garage contaminant transport, and transport membrane humidifier technology (TMH). Josh also contributes to Solar Pathways, a project to identify the best approaches for meeting Minnesota’s solar goals.

Prior to CEE Josh spent time at ZAE Bayern in Munich, Germany researching thermochemical energy storage cycles for solar and district energy applications. Josh obtained his Master’s degree (2008) and PhD (2012) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota

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