About the Series

The Energy Pro webinar series is designed specifically for energy services professionals. It demonstrates the certifiable energy-saving benefits of sealing commercial HVAC ductwork from the inside with Aeroseal.

Watch a Session that Interests You:

90%+ Reduced Duct Leakage. Wow!

Duct leakage alone is a growing obstacle for commercial projects. Manual sealing methods like tape or mastic just don’t cut it anymore.

Session 1 will show how the Aeroseal duct sealing technology is a better option than manual sealing and achieves 90+% reduced leakage, thereby decreasing the fan power needed to heat and cool.

Proprietary Energy Models to Calculate Energy Savings from Duct Sealing

The competitive environment for commercial projects is heating up. Energy Pros are always looking for the next big thing to give them a unique advantage in winning project bids and increasing profits. Fortunately, money talks, and it talks loudly.

Session 2 will give a high-level overview of the proprietary Aeroseal energy modeling tool, which is used by Energy Pros to accurately estimate the energy savings on projects attributed to Aeroseal duct sealing and give them a leg up on the “other guys” submitting bids.

Energy Audit Tools to Quantify Duct Leakage with Utmost Precision

With increasing duct tightness requirements, duct leakage is a growing challenge for commercial buildings. Furthermore, energy professionals feeling the squeeze to increase accuracy in quantifying duct leakage.

Session 3 will highlight two unique audit tools designed to help energy pros more accurately quantify duct leakage. It will also reveal “real world” energy savings results from projects completed with Aeroseal. Test-in/test-out certifiable outcomes continue to help energy pros like you increase energy savings on their projects worldwide.