The Energy Impact of Duct Leakage and Sealing

It’s a BIG Low-Hanging Fruit of Energy Savings for Municipalities, Universities, Schools, and Hospitals (MUSH Market), and More.

Save Energy with Aeroseal

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Connect the Aeroseal system to your building’s HVAC system.
  2. Seal the ductwork (the computer-controlled technology does it for you).
  3. Certify energy-saving results (a certificate is published for each project).

$4,000/Year Average Savings, 5.3 Year Median Payback

Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) 2016 Research Study: Duct Leakage and Sealing

The Hole Truth About Duct Leakage

Building Commissioning Association (BCA) 2015 Member Survey

75% say leaky ducts cause substantial energy loss in commercial buildings

74% say ducts in buildings have significant duct leakage

+25% say they find significant duct leakage

68% say 15%+ leakage rates are common (just as common as office coffee haha)

Energy Modeling

Watch the video to see how we estimate your energy-saving potential with Aeroseal using our proprietary energy model. The model has four sections:

  • CV Exhaust
  • CV Supply Changeover
  • VAV Supply Changeover
  • VAV Supply Non-Changeover
Before/After Aeroseal

“The results spoke for themselves.”

Edward Aviles
Project Engineer
Pfizer (Aeroseal Customer)

Energy-Savings Thanks to Aeroseal


ESCO Estimates $3500/yr Energy Savings with Aeroseal

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$34,000 Energy Savings from Sealing Jersey Apartment High-Rise

Forester Daily News (FDN) recently published a story about an Aeroseal project that yielded $34,000 annual energy savings. Wow! Continue Reading

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