2018 Aeroseal Success Series Webinars: Part #3

Sealing Your Success in Test and Balancing (TAB)

Featuring TAB Expert: Penn Air

Webinar Summary

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Aeroseal can be a very profitable service for commercial HVAC contractors, duct cleaners and sheet metal contractors. Throughout 2018 we will present a series of webinars highlighting several of our most profitable Aeroseal commercial service providers. Up this month Alex Miranda from Penn Air Group.

You’ll hear firsthand from Alex about why he decided to take the plunge and add Aeroseal to the company’s business model…

  • What was the biggest challenge?
  • And the biggest success?
  • How does the company find clients?
  • What about Marketing and Staffing?

Your host for the webinar, Aeroseal Sales Director Keith Garris, also will provide some overview information on Aeroseal.

Meet the Presenters

Penn Air Group - Alex Miranda

Alex Miranda
VP of Sales
Penn Air

Alex Miranda is the VP of Sales for Penn Air Control, Inc. in Western United States. He has spent the previous 23 years exploring and pioneering the HVAC industry, as an Indoor Air Quality Professional, Test & Balance Technician, Field Superintendent, Sales Representative, Sales Manager and now COO. His primary focus over the previous 20 plus years has been HVAC energy optimization. He is now the primary regional manager for several Penn Air offices. His experiences throughout the continental United States and overseas is in the production of the finest quality of HVAC project completion. Alex has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from ITT. He is also recognized as an Air Systems Cleaning Specialist of the National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association since 1997.

Hosted By:

Keith Garris
National Sales Director

Keith Garris has more than 25 years of Sales and Marketing experience in a variety of national and global markets, primarily in automotive and various HVAC sectors.  Keith has BS degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing and Psychology.

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