Capital Plaza Hotel and Convention Center

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Sealing ducts with aeroseal allowed administrators to reduce exhaust fan speed while increasing air exchange rate - savings result in three year payback

The 10-story Capital Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Frankfurt, Kentucky has become the first Energy Star certified hotel in Kentucky with the help of Aeroseal duct sealing. Owners estimate that duct sealing and other energy conservation measures (ECMs) have reduced building operating costs by $110,000 a year. Sealing leaks also fixed bathroom exhaust issues and eliminated chronic mold and mildew problems. Plus, temperature imbalances in the facilities were improved. Specifically, cold spots have been replaced with even temperatures throughout the facilities.

Project Overview
Building Capital Plaza Hotel and Convention Center
Location Frankfort, Kentucky
Aeroseal Contractors Service Tech Corporation
Goal Achieve Energy Star certification; Fix mold and mildew issues in the facilities
Before Aeroseal 6,270 CFM total leakage
After Aeroseal 771 CFM total leakage
Results Became first Energy Star certified building in state of Kentucky; Improved building indoor air quality (IAQ) for occupants

I was getting quotes for an overhaul of the HVAC system that ran $1 million to $2 million dollars – it would have taken decades to pay back. We opted instead to seal the ductwork with Aeroseal. That dramatically improved the efficiency of the current system, allowed us to reduce energy use related to heating and the use of exhaust fans and it solved a lot of issues related to poor ventilation. We expect payback on the duct sealing to take less than two years. Then it’s simply ongoing savings right off the top of the hotel’s monthly operating expenses.

Jason Delambre
Energy Consultant
Interdependent Energies, LLC.

The sealing process took five days to complete. Payback was estimated less than two years, and ongoing energy savings was estimated for duct sealing alone to be approximately $24,000/year. Additional savings is expected through reduced maintenance costs and equipment repair. The building owners are now enthusiastic supporters of Aeroseal duct sealing for significantly reducing overall operational costs and improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in buildings.

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