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Johnson Controls Performance Infrastructure Business Teams With Aeroseal To Identify And Eliminate Duct Leakage In Aging Air Handling Systems At Clinton Prairie School Corporation

The Clinton Prairie School Corporation, located just outside of Frankfort, Indiana, includes one elementary, one junior high, and one high school, all under the same roof. School administrators recently partnered with Johnson Controls to identify and facilitate specific energy-saving projects that would provide needed upgrades while reducing annual energy costs. Through an energy performance contract, Johnson Controls guarantees the energy savings to offset the cost of the $4.7 million-dollar investment in renovations.

After an initial inspection of the building, Johnson Controls identified duct sealing as a critical strategy for reducing the school’s energy costs. They then called in the duct sealing experts at Aeroseal to create $8,481 in annual energy savings.

Project Overview
Building Clinton Prairie Corporation
Location Frankfort, Indiana
Aeroseal Contractors Aeroseal
Contract Engineer Johnson Controls
Goal Reduce Energy use
Before Aeroseal 21,050.7 CFM of leakage
After Aeroseal 2,035.6 CFM of leakage
Results Reduced leakage by 90.2 percent, created $8,481 in annual energy savings

Johnson Controls had used Aeroseal on projects in the past with great success. When our initial inspection of the facility indicated possible issues with some of the building’s duct systems, we knew the technology could be key to energy savings. Aeroseal gave us an energy-saving estimate that we could confidently share with the school’s administration.

The process went smoothly, and the final analysis showed an energy savings of more than the original estimate. As a performance contractor, we guarantee saving up front, and with the help of Aeroseal duct sealing, we delivered.

Adrian M. Wallace
Energy Engineers Solutions Managers
Johnson Controls

Conducting a more detailed inspection of the building’s twenty-plus air handling units, the Aeroseal team identified seven systems where sealing would provide the highest ROI. Working over summer break, the seal team tackled each system individually, at times, dividing some of the larger duct systems into smaller sections.

The Aeroseal process used to seal the ductwork is highly effective, it eliminates the costly and highly disruptive demolition and rebuilding typically required with traditional duct sealing methods. The aerosolized sealant is blown into the duct interior, where it has easy access to the entire duct system. Once the sealant particles encounters a leak, it forms a tight bond around the hole, sealing it tight. The computerized sealing system measures the leakage rate as it seals, providing operators with an accurate account of the process.


It took Aeroseal just 7 days to seal all seven duct systems. The final report generated by the sealing system highlighted the results: more than 19,000 CFM of leakage eliminated for an annual savings of $8,481.

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