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Duct Sealing Helps Clinical Research Organization Eliminate Airflow Issues
Aeroseal Applied After New Air Handling Units Did Not Fix Issues

Lambda Therapeutic Research Limited is a leading global Clinical Research Organization headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. It’s more than 1,500 employees work in seven locations across the globe, offering a full spectrum of clinical trial solutions to the biopharmaceutical and generic pharmaceutical industries.

Lambda applies innovative technologies, therapeutic expertise, and a commitment to quality to help its customers develop products safely, effectively, and quickly.

New AHUs Unable to Solve Airflow Issues
When the R & D laboratory at its headquarters began experiencing uneven temperatures and improper airflow, the company installed new air handling units (AHUs). Unfortunately, the problems persisted.

That’s when Lambda approached Consergy Systems & Technologies to help them find the root cause of the problem and execute a suitable solution.

Project Overview
Building Lambda Therapeutic Research Limited Headquarters
Location Ahmedabad, India
Aeroseal Contractors Consergy Systems and Technologies LLP
Goal To overcome uneven temperatures and improper air flow in R&D labs
Before Aeroseal 4,168.2 CFM total leakage (across three new air handling units)
After Aeroseal 306.2 CFM of leakage
Results Reduced leakage by 93% to ensure even temperatures and proper airflow throughout the R&D labs.

The diagnostic tools and Aeroseal duct sealing technology have solved our airflow issues. We are extremely happy with Consergy’s solution. Their service has been most efficient and professional.

Lambda Therapeutic Research Limited

Consergy specializes in duct diagnostics and sealing solutions. The team conducted a series of diagnostic tests on the new AHUs, using thermal imaging cameras and airflow measuring instruments to find undetectable, unreachable leaks in the ductwork. Based on these results, Consergy decided to perform duct sealing using Aeroseal.

Aeroseal — a Safe, Non-Invasive Solution
The Aeroseal system injects a fog of sealant particles into pressurized ductwork to seal air leaks from the inside. Sealant particles accumulate only where the leaks are located, gradually closing them.

The Aeroseal sealant easily met the project’s rigorous safety standards. Aeroseal’s water-based sealant is safe, non-toxic, and has earned more than eight different quality and safety certifications.

The Aeroseal technology measures and records airflow and leakage throughout the duct sealing process. Once the ductwork reaches its target goal, the software verifies and records the results.

A certificate showing leakage before and after the process is issued for use in inspection.


In this assignment, a total 4,168.2 CFM of leakage was reduced across the three AHUs by 93%. This eliminated all uneven temperatures and restored proper airflow to the company’s R&D labs.

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