St. Alban’s Anglican Church

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“It took over a year to find the cause of our heating problem – and less than a day to fix it!” That’s what Mary Martha Hails, the facility manager at St. Alban’s Church said about the Aeroseal duct sealing work that was just completed.“We were skeptical duct leaks could be responsible for the issues we were having with the (new HVAC) system. We were wrong,” said Daniel Carley, the project manager. Aeroseal proved to be the fastest, easiest and least expensive solution. It was a project saver.

Project Overview
Building St. Alban’s Anglican Church
Location Ottawa, Canada
Aeroseal Contractors AWS Remediation
Contract Engineer Dolyn Developments Inc.
Goal Fix heating system / improve ventilation
Before Aeroseal Losing 665 CFM of treated air
After Aeroseal Losing 49 CFM, a 93% reduction
Results ERV system had enough air from ductwork to work properly; ventilation fixed St. Alban’s Anglican Church, the oldest church in Ottawa, Canada fixes HVAC issues with duct sealing.

Even highly trained engineers are surprised at the role duct sealing plays in the proper overall performance of an HVAC system. Many commercial projects do not even spec in the cost of duct sealing so we find that virtually all buildings we test are losing 20% of treated air – not to mention thousands of dollars in utility costs – through leaks in the ductwork. Aeroseal can quickly fix those leaks, reduce energy use, solve ventilation issues, and increase heating and air conditioning efficiency, all without having to rip into existing structures or otherwise disrupt the regular office operations.

Bert Lelievre
Solutions Engineer and NADCA-Certified Duct Specialist
AWS Remediation Technologies Inc.

We were all highly skeptical that duct leaks could be responsible for the issues we were having with the ERV system and that Aeroseal could solve the problem. We were wrong on both counts. Aeroseal was not only the fastest, easiest and least expensive option we could find, it was also the answer to our problem. Aeroseal worked an absolute miracle on this system.

Daniel Carley
Project Manager
Dolyn Developments Inc.


St. Albans is a 145-year-old stone building and the oldest church in Ottawa.

It recently went through a major renovation that included turning the basement from a storage room into a large facility for the area’s homeless. After all the work was done, the new HVAC system was turned on and tested. Unfortunately the newly installed energy recovery ventilation (ERV) unit wasn’t able to draw enough air into the intake side or blow out enough air on the other end – even when the unit was turned up all the way. That meant the basement wasn’t getting the heat it needed and the ventilation wasn’t strong enough to draw air out of the newly built kitchen or shower area.

For more than a year, the engineers on the project tried everything to get it to work properly. Finally, someone suggested the problem may be due to leaks in the newly installed ductwork.  If that were the case, it would mean tearing down all the new walls to get to the ducts and manually seal them…or they could use Aeroseal. Luckily, someone had heard about this safe and effective duct sealing technology.


It took the Aeroseal team just a matter of a few hours to seal the entire duct system – without having to disrupt any of the new construction. Leakage was reduced by 92% and the ERV system that wouldn’t work properly is now generating 20% more air than needed at half its power.

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