Enhance Classroom Comfort and Efficiency with Air Sealing

Lower Energy Costs, Achieve Standards, Improve Air Quality

Air Leakage is a Critical Issue

Many schools and educational buildings face significant energy loss and poor indoor air quality due to HVAC system leaks. Energy conservation is a key factor in meeting your sustainable development goals (SDGs), complying with local codes/standards and achieving LEED building certification. But in many universities and education facilities, leaky HVAC ductwork undermines their sustainability efforts.

Among the numerous options available to lower carbon emissions, Aeroseal is non-invasive, verifiable and cost-effective. In lieu of installing renewable energy farms, purchasing energy from renewable providers or buying carbon offsets, duct sealing delivers proportionate sustainability gains — and up to 95% reduction in duct leakage.

Lower energy consumption to drive SDG goals

Comply with codes and standards

Achieve LEED building certification

Improve HVAC equipment performance and student comfort

Leaky ducts can cause HVAC systems to lose a significant amount of total heating and cooling capacity, while forcing them to work much harder than necessary. This is a key consideration in hospitals and colleges, where HVAC systems are often constructed piecemeal over time. The results are high energy consumption, excessive equipment wear and tear, declining indoor air quality (IAQ) and difficulty creating comfortable spaces for students and staff.

Stopping invisible air leaks in ductwork allows HVAC systems to run at peak performance, reducing maintenance costs and extending equipment lifecycles. Aeroseal uses a proprietary non-toxic sealant and patented sealing process to deliver HVAC performance improvements in both new construction and existing facilities. Unlike manual duct taping, repairs or even replacement, our automated duct sealing process minimizes disruptions and is often completed within the same day.

How it works?

The automated Aeroseal process provides the verifiable results needed to drive energy savings and meet performance contracts. This proven technology can be implemented on an entire building or deployed within individual sections, wings or rooms.

Step 1: Set up the Aeroseal system as planned with facility management.
Step 2: Seal ductwork with our patented, non-invasive process.
Step 3: Perform measurement and verification (M&V) to certify results.

After meeting your air sealing targets, we provide a certificate of completion that verifies your leakage reduction.

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225 Byers Rd.
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