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Use air sealing to solve stack effect and improve IAQ

Getting Results: Duct Sealing as an Energy Conservation Measure

Selecting energy conservation measures (ECMs) for commercial buildings requires careful consideration. Success is determined by how well you can balance building performance, capital expenditures, project construction schedules and completion timelines.

As a viable ECM, Aeroseal offers a low-risk and highly efficient option that delivers verifiable results upon completion. Our non-invasive and non-toxic duct sealing solution improves air tightness by 95% by sealing the ducts from the inside out. Using an automated process, it easily integrates into the early phases of your project schedule. The results are improved construction efficiencies for your team while ensuring energy savings for the life of the performance contract."

Immediate delivery available

Average payback of 5-7 years

Meet the most stringent codes

Creating A Strong Foundation for Building Performance Improvements

Upgrading doors, windows, insulation, and HVAC are all potential ECM options in retrofit projects. When conducting a value engineering analysis, it’s important to understand how implementation of one contributes to others, as well as overall building performance. Among available ECMs, Aeroseal can boost the performance of all other measures.

Automated duct sealing optimizes overall building performance without the need for ductwork replacement — laying a foundation for ongoing energy savings on its own while maximizing the effectiveness of all other upgrades. Compared to other ECMs, Aeroseal maximizes energy savings and lowers the time needed to achieve ROI.

How it works?

The automated Aeroseal process provides the verifiable results needed to drive energy savings and meet performance contracts. This proven technology can be implemented on an entire building or deployed within individual sections, wings or rooms.

Step 1: Set up the Aeroseal system as planned with facility management.
Step 2: Seal ductwork with our patented, non-invasive process.
Step 3: Perform measurement and verification (M&V) to certify results.

After meeting your air sealing targets, we provide a certificate of completion that verifies your leakage reduction.

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225 Byers Rd.
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