Air Sealing for HVAC Contractors

The key to solving uneven room temperatures and air quality issues

Improve System Efficiency

Sealed ducts ensure better system performance by improving airflow, allowing the system to operate less, improving efficiency, and reducing energy bills. 

Reduce Callbacks after Installations

Sealing ducts is vital for optimal HVAC performance and customer satisfaction. It minimizes air leakage, enhances airflow, and ensures even distribution of conditioned air, preventing hot or cold spots and enabling equipment to operate at peak efficiency.

Increase Revenue with a High Profit Service

Offering duct sealing services allows HVAC companies to provide extra benefits that positively impact their bottom line without increasing marketing costs. This high-profit service generates additional revenue and positions HVAC companies as comprehensive solutions providers.

The Hidden Leakage Problem

Address one of the root causes of common HVAC issues

Cracks and holes in air vents and ducts let heated and cooled air escape between floors and inside walls before reaching their intended rooms. Even new ductwork can leak if metal connections aren't sealed properly, causing airflow and pressure issues. Common problems like uneven room temperature, humidity, and dust often result from leaks in the supply and return duct systems.

Give Your Customers What They’re Paying For

Duct leakage is a big problem for high efficiency systems

Leaks in ductwork significantly degrade the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of HVAC equipment, leading to reduced system efficiency. With up to 30% duct leakage, system efficiency can drop by as much as 50%. This issue is even more pronounced in heat pumps, which run more frequently than traditional systems. As a result, leakage becomes a bigger problem, causing the system to work harder to maintain desired temperatures, increasing energy consumption, and driving up utility costs.

How Aeroseal Duct Works

Our simple process ensures precise sealing in just a few hours.

Leaks in the ductwork— like holes in a balloon - cause air to escape quickly. The Aeroseal solution uses an atomized sealant that follows pressurized air as it escapes through the leaks in the ductwork, sealing the holes, like blood clotting.

We Make Your Home Better in 4 Easy Steps


It is the #1 service we offer by far to solve homeowner challenges involved with duct leakage: health, comfort, and excessive utility costs

John Barron – Barron Heating & Air Conditioning – Pennsylvania
Aeroseal sets us apart from your typical contractor, I love the ability to offer what others cannot!

Brian Simpson – Jon Wayne Heating & Air – Texas
We Always offer Aeroseal to homeowners on system replacement proposals. It differentiates and helps us close

Frank Garneski – Garneski Air Conditioning & Heating – Virginia
It’s the way of the future for providing better indoor air quality and comfort, improving system performance and saving money on utility bills

Lenny Siers – Niceville One Hour Air – Florida

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225 Byers Rd.
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