2018 Contractor Success Webinar Series

2018 New Gadgets to Save You Time

Speaker: Bill Spohn, President, TruTech Tools

With the wide array of tools and gadgets on the market, it’s often hard to figure out what will work for you. This session will provide an overview of some of the newest tools with a focus on how they help you help customers, saving time and providing valuable info in the process. Learn More

Drafting Your Dream Team

Speaker: Drew Cameron, President, HVAC Sellutions

YOU need employees…Demand for qualified, well-educated HVAC technicians, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts will grow 21% through 2022. Think of it: in the next seven years, this country will need one more HVAC technician for every five technicians already working. This is nearly double the growth rate of all jobs. Learn More

How the New Tax Plan Will Impact Your Business

Speaker: Craig Cody, CPA

The new tax law changes rates for many small-business owners, whether they are sole proprietorships, partnerships or corporations. But the benefits aren’t across the board: Learn what the changes mean for you and how you can maximize the benefit! Learn More


Cracking the New Codes

Speaker: John Jones, Technical Director, Building Performance Institute

The new housing market is expected to grow double digits in 2018. Parallel to this, adoption of more stringent building code is on the rise across all states. For these reasons alone it is great time and there are big opportunities for the Residential HVAC contractor, especially for those that can think outside of the box. Learn More

10 Commandments of Great Managers

Speaker: Mark Mattesson, Speaker/Author

Principles and natural laws are timeless. Just what are the ten habits of effective managers? Learn these simple (not easy) principles to transform your team’s effectiveness, morale and productivity. Learn More


Installations that Gain a Competitive Advantage

Speaker: John Jones, Technical Director, Building Performance Institute

Principles and code changes are changing the HVAC equipment installation requirements across the country. This webinar focuses on the importance of proper HVAC installations, the ability to have the system perform “as advertised”, and the way you can gain a competitive advantage. Learn More

Proliferating Profit Performance for Prosperity

Speaker: Drew Cameron, President, HVAC Sellutions

In a hyper-competitive market it is critical that you maximize the yield from every opportunity to drive profit performance. This practice is good for customers, co-workers, the company, shareholders and the community. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN!!!!! Come discover how changing your approach from selling WHAT you do to sharing WHY you do it. Learn More